Friday, December 23, 2011

How our House Rolls Christmas Home Tour 2011

Hello there!!!  Thanks for joining for the much anticipated "How our House Rolls; Christmas Home Tour 2011"!!!!  Here's what we're going to do...I'm going to go in a well-thought out path.  Try to keep up...we almost have a whoppin 1400 sq ft to get through here!  :)

Here's the order we're going in...(the pics are below......)
1. The Entry and Kitchen
2. Living room and extras around
3. Mantle
4. Big Red....Revealed!!!
5. Never before seen....little Whitie (she hides where the magic happens)
6. Bathroom
7. Kids Room
8. Steelers Tree
9. The Vinette
10. Banister
11. Peacock Tree....

If what's above is hyperlinked, that means you can click it to see a previous post about all that!  K? K!  I will however (since you're prolly a very devoted A to Being Creations reader) post a few new pics below of those areas also...I'll add as little commentary as I can because, well, you're not here for fabulous want the meat n' here ya go!

Here's what you'll really see....little Princess trying on shoes, talking on her cell phone...

Kitchen...up high


Bar...into Living Room...Yes...I did a kitchen renovation...and made that bar you see below.  Hopefully someday, I'll post about that... :)

And right next to the left...the famous...Taxidermy PB knockoff...and Roadside Noel Rescue.  Notice the Leap Pad strategically placed in photo shoot!!!  AWESOMENESS!  And yes...I'll post the Taxidermy find...

And who could forget the mantle...I like to call him...Big Red's Arm Candy!!

Bookshelves, entertainment center, wine cabinet, and "safe decor for the table"....

Big Red and all her Christmas Glory...I've added so many ornaments since these pics...because I discovered that we DO in FACT have a Christmas Tree Shop in Indiana...and I went crazy in there!  I'll get some updated pics...she is ah...maze-ing!

The never before seen...little white tree.  She lives where the Magic Happens.

The Bathroom I renovated (but haven't posted about yet)...SHOCKER!

And of course...the kids tree/room....I've redecorated this room like 50 times...preparing for Santa's gift!!!  Wait till you see the "Kids re-do part 2!"  I will post (hopefully soon) the "Kids re-do part 1!"

The Steelers Tree (Sports/Simpsons/Steelers) with a boa for!, next to the vinette, and the banister, which leads to the Peacock Tree!  Thanks to my new bloggie BFF Jeanette for the Terrible Towel idea!

Obviously before the banister was done...

Like I mentioned see more of the various trees and whatnot...go visit those posts.  I just wanted an explosion for the How our House Rolls Christmas if you're longing to see around and stay awhile.  What else is there to do?

Happy Holidays!  I'm going to the 9-5 to do 9-5ing.  When I get home at 5:15...I'm going back at the stairs~!  Whhhhooooo Hoooooooo!!!