Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Big Red's Arm Candy...Meet our Christmas Mantle!

Okay, so y'all don't want to read on and on so today's post is just going to be pictures...MOSTLY....I'm excited to introduce to you...Big Red's arm candy, our Mantle!
First, here's last year's mantle...BUT...wait, if you didn't meet Big Red...You REALLY NEED TO...CLICK HERE!  And, YES, I did widen our mantle...that's why I had more room to shove crap decorate this year!  If you missed that post, CLICK HERE!

 It's not that I hated it or anything, but I wanted to do something more "Ballard-Barnesque" I stuck lots of twiggy/faux branches into the garland...I'm doing a tutorial on how to achieve that look over at The Artsy Girl Connection on the you'll have to wait for that...And, the kids get to pick out a new stocking for their 2nd Christmas.  (We I (PRETTY SURE Mr. A2B couldn't care less what I do) let them keep their Baby's 1st Christmas for their tradition I started...) So, there's the disclaimer on why their stockings are horrid!!!  Here's Big Red's arm candy...

Yes, I did remove the bows from the candle holders...wasn't doin it for me...I'll find somewhere to stick em' place them.

Yes, I MADE this original, I know!

Yes everyone!  Thank you all so much for your thoughts and prayers.  The Elf on the Shelf was rescued from his "miserable death by drowning"!  Ernie is now dry, and  has since found a new perch! (One that'll take a ladder for the Monster Man to reach)...Ahhhh...It's only a matter of time!  AWESOMENESS!
Here are some LOVELY outtakes...

So...I changed them to the red ones!

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  1. love it even with parker's additions. i am so envious that you got elf on a shelf, i need to get one of him sometime. bet the kiddos will have fun with him.


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