Monday, December 19, 2011

Big Bertha Reveal...and You Did WHAT to the File Cabinet?!?

Hey guys!!!  I've been totally WAITING to share this with you!  I put two posts together, because they're both in the photos anyway, so I figured I might as well!  

Before I begin, just a few thank you's are in order...FIRST, Thank you to Kristi at Vintage Skye for completing Big Bertha's Look!  Kristi makes the most beautiful clay tags, knobs, pulls, and pennants!  If you've never been to her Etsy store...go...NOW!  She's having a 20% Off sale...totally AWESOMENESS!!  I found her via Marian over at Miss Mustard Seed...and couldn't be happier I did.  PERFECTION!!  Okay, so now, for the second thank you!  Debbie over at Debbiedoo's!  I was a winner of her 50$ Scentsy give-away!  I picked out two Scentsy Pals for the little Monsters~!  I can't wait for them to have new snugglies!!!  AWESOMENESS!!! 

So, here's Big Bertha's Before....

She's got potential.  And the best part?!?!  She was FREE!!!  My parents were gonna donate her to the Habitat Restore....HELLO?!?!!  Perhaps they've heard I'm not afraid of a project?!?!  So I told them I was taking her...and they needed to deliver my garage...ASAP!!  I would Love it if they would be so kind as to allow me to take her off their hands...and perhaps I could convince my brothers to deliver her?!?!  baaaahahahahah!!!  So, a few weeks...and agonizing phone calls she was...all mine!  All they said when I told them I wanted her was, "are you serious?  It's mostly particleboard...and it's so heavy....where are you going to put it?  You don't have room?!?!"  I was like, Hello, she's going in the loft.  I'm moving that bookshelf down stairs...and the one that's down stairs is going in my garage hold my crap. Junk.  Beautiful Finds~!  ASCP is NOT afraid of particleboard!  And I'll get it upstairs, just get it in my garage workshop!!!!  So, they did.  Because they love me!  

The loft is my craftroom, guestbedroom, office, and playroom all in I wanted a way to hide all the crap disguise the games.

The process.....after I primed the insides of the doors with magnetic primer, I went at her with the chalkboard paint (like NOT ASCP, Chalkboard paint)! Then, for the rest of her, I mixed 1 part ASCP Old White, and 1 part ASCP Graphite to get the gray color for the trim...and just used ASCP in Graphite for the rest of her.  Distressed a little...and finished her off with clear wax!  Awesomeness! Done...right?  NO!...while I was waiting on my knobs, I noticed our homely-looking file cabinet! I just happened to have a clean paintbrush and left-over paint from Big Bertha, so one night I went upstairs....and painted the file cabinet!  Mr. A2B was all-freaking out because A: I was painting in the house...and B:the kids were getting into all of the crap all over the place hanging out right next to me, helping every step of the way!  Hello?!?!?  Honey....jump on the ASCP bandwagon, and get with the program!  It's OKAY, I've got it!!!  So, after I painted the file cabinet also, here's what we have now...a perfect place to shove all of my notecards, sheet music (that comes home with me after junk store visits....hmmm?  How'd that get in there?!?!), family games, and kid's toys (an attempt to occupy Wallstreet the Monsters while Mommy creates!!!!)

Yes, I made the candle, I'll post a super quick tutorial on that later...when I have a sec.  AND, as a disclaimer...Mr. A2B wrote "Let your sister win a few times!" on the cabinet.  I did not, I do not believe life should be made easy for the little Princess!  It wasn't made easy for me!!!  I had to fend for myself, so she needs to learn how to also!!!  And, no, Parker doesn't know math.  I was trying to teach him 1 + 1 = marks...but he did say "lleven (eleven)?!?"  and I was like....CRAP!  I'm teaching him 1 + 1 = 11?!?!  GENUS over here!  He did learn how to draw a cross a few months ago, and it makes me smile that he writes them on everything!  At least I'm teaching him something right~!

PS I'm going to be featured tonight on Roadkill Rescue!  And the house tour is tomorrow!!!!  So is my Birthday~!  Yay!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Big Bertha looks great! Congrats on Roadkill Rescue! Again, right? I'm going to check you out!

  2. G I R L !!! You Rocked it:)) Im so inspired and I love your blog and just became your newest follower,stop over and visit me sometime and we can chat! Deidre~

  3. that doesn't even look like the same piece! it is AMAZING!!! love the color and the chalkboard!!! awesome!

  4. ditto, ditto, ditto!! gorgeous color and love the chalkboard!

  5. This is SO COOL! Wish I had one, too.


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