Thursday, December 8, 2011

Banister Do-over

How the banister went from DRAB to FAB...for a few bucks...
Here's what the banister DID look like....This WAS NOT DOING IT FOR ME...

After a visit to the Dollar Tree and BIG LOTS!!!  She has more sustenance.  And, if you're just now getting here...THIS IS THE REASON I'M LIKE THE 500TH ENTRY ON BANISTERS....Woke up at the usual 5:30...already depressed because yesterday I ran over to DIY By Design...and there were like 250 entries already for the banister...crap!!!!  So...anyway.  After ranting and raving about how "nice" it would be to be a SAHM so I could blog during the day....I finally chilled out (all it took was a hug from the is good).  I CAN'T be a SAHM.  I don't have it in me.  I admire you!  I'd go nuts and need to be institutionalized.  I'm not trying to offend anyone here, I'm just saying it takes a special personality to be a SAHM...and my personality is the opposite.  I love my Monsters, don't get me wrong...but my mom watches them, and my husband only typically works three FULL days a I know they're in good hands.  Ok, moving on.  I went up the ugly pretty little stairs to jump on the Mac...and to my surprise, all my followers are gone...AWESOMENESS!  This may not seem like a huge deal to you, but I'm new here....and I still get stoked when I have a new comment, nonetheless a new FOLLOWER....HELLO!?!?  So, I got wrapped up in that, so pics weren't ready.  THEN I had the 9-5ing to here we the 500's! (Actually, I'm in the 70's) AWESOMENESS!  I'll give the details on what I did, how I did it and what you SHOULD NOT DO, BUT NOT UNTIL THE 14TH (guest post/feature on The Artsy Girl Connection)  So, here is the banister...*Disclaimer....These photos are NOT my best editing work.  Here's.........................FAB!!!

And one for fun....

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  1. I had the same problem with followers yesterday. I don't have a ton to start with, but going from 27 to 10 was pretty depressing! It seems to be okay today though...think it is a common problem with blogger. Your banister is awesome!!

  2. It looks wonderful but I think the Steeler tree would be better with a few Packer ornaments on it. Would you like me to send you some? I's be happy to send you a little Christmas cheer from the current Superbowl champions.

    I'm just teasing, that's no way to make new freinds...

    I love that you're so honest about the SAHM thing, it's really not for everyone.

    Thanks for linking up, I look forward to seeing what else you share with us.

  3. I have to go with Shawn and say that the tree would look way better with some GREEN AND GOLD on it. We're Packer backers! ;)

    I'm only kidding.

    I loved looking at all your beautiful pics. I loved that you pointed out the "crap" and "fat dog" and I'm so glad Hubby got to make an appearance!

    Thanks for linking up with us. We'd love to have you back next Tuesday!

  4. You're is fabulous! Kudos on the bling! And I usually re-do my christmas decor a few times before I like it. SHHHHH....don't tell but when my daughter was little we would decorate the tree and when she went to bed I'd take it apart and redo it till it was perfect, if she noticed I'd tell her it was because the cat messed it up. Thankfully I grew out of my OCD a little bit!


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