Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Road Side Rescue!

Thanks to Krylon's Ivy Christmas side table is complete!!!!  I needed something tall...and cheap because well, it's Christmas the spray paint cabinet I went...and to the "junk I have that I need to do something with" pile I went...and then to the  "fabric I need to do something with pile" I went...and then to one of my favs....Hobby-to-the-Lobby I's what I did.

Spray paint cabinet....
and more Krylon spray paint...glitter!  I love me some Glitter Blast....
Junk I need to do something with...

Fabric I need to do something with...
 First, found a frame in my pile of crap frames.  I actually scored a box of FREE frames outside one of my antique spots...and the nice guy even loaded them all for me...AWESOMENESS!  Here she is...kinda "homey", not Homie!...homey

Then I remembered I have tons of burlap left over from lots and lots of projects that I hope to find the time to blog about soon.  So, I grabbed a piece of that and got my stapler out...and whamo....made me a cardboard-burlap-covered picture.

Then, I went to Hobby-to-the-Lobby bought the letters N-O-E-L.....Drove dangerously fast home so I could get working with my buddy, Mr. Krylon!  Went to the stash, picked my Ivy Leaf!  I have loved this color for quite sometime, but didn't find the perfectest project....UNTIL NOW!  SAAAAAAAAAWWWWWEEET!  Then, I covered my happy whimsical letters a few times with my Ivy Leaf...If I was patient, I'd have used primer, but Mr. Krylon knows what's, he did his job!  Then, I glued the letters on....and added some sparkly clippy thinggies in the corners for something a little extra and whammmmmmmo!  Done and done!

Thanks to green....ALMOST FREE Christmas project is complete~!  Thanks to daylight savings photos moving forward will be sub-par! 

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  1. Go Check out Roadkill Rescue!

  2. Gosh that is so cute. I LOVE that color, LOVE it, I want to spray everything with it too. Thanks for sharing and joining in on the fun.

  3. Your NOEL sign is really cute! Visiting from Debbie's copy cat party.

  4. What a beautiful project! Looks great.

    Sharon @ mrshinesclass

  5. So cute! I love the color of the letters. Linking from Debbiedoos.


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