Sunday, December 4, 2011

A Boatload, Sneek Peeks, Goodies!!! TTC#3

Since I'm always talking about things I will post tutorials for later, or projects I've done....I figured for Taming the Chaos this week, I'd do a little post to help all of us.  Me by reminding me to post on this stuff... You by not only reminding you what's coming, but also perhaps give all of you fellow bloggers out there an idea?!?

Here's a list of things to come...

1-Kitchen complete renovation that I did on my own!
2-Bathroom renovations that I did on my own!
(Also in the bathroom your own pallet shelves, build your own towel rack from old pallets)
4-Grandma's Bench.  The project that started it all.
5-Grandma's Jug that's my new Lamp.
6-Roadkill Rescue-Big Bertha
7-You did what to the file cabinet?
8-DIYribbon organizer
9-Craft room organization.
10-Chalkboard globe.
11-"Junk" decorating.
12-Faux Taxidermy?  Half real...Half Faux.
13-Daycare shelf-Roadkill Rescue Homemade Christmas #4.
14-Homemade Christmas #5 The baseball bat side table.
15-Kids room makeover on a buget!
16-Homemade Christmas #6-Cheese dome cloche.
17-Homemade Christmas #7-Apothecary Jar/Terrarium.
18-How to make a blog header.
19-How to make a blog button...with a grab button box.
20-Finding a balance-Blogging, Wifing, Mothering, 9-5ing, Friending, Junking, Creating, there more?!?!
21-Where my blog name came from.
22-Junk store do-over.  Table on wheels.
23-Burlap picture with Monogram tutorial.
24-Homemade Christmas #8-Quilt holder
25-Guest blogging at Thrifty Crafty Girl on December 14th!  Hint Hint...PB $100 knock-off!!!
26-Mason Jar Rescue!
27-Easy Chalkboard Labels!

Here's a hint...If you Like A to Being Creations on'll find lots and lots of pictures on these projects, OR if you friend ME on'll find even more.  OR...If you find me on Pinterest you'll see a board of projects I've done!  Most of them haven't been blogged yet!!!!
There are lots more, but I'm flying by the seat of my pants here...between wrapping Christmas gifts, waiting on paint to dry, finding chalk for the monsters so they can play with Big Bertha, Building Thomas' Palace, wiping runny noses, changing a diaper, getting Elmo's world playing, drinking coffee, responding to emails, getting posts ready for next week, and finding time to use the ladies room.


  1. Wow! Holy busy! Can't wait to see all of these projects-they sound great!


  2. Oh wow.. Busy Busy Bee.. I OVE it... I can't wait to indulge in ALL your projects.. Woohooo.. LOVE


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