Monday, October 17, 2011

Quick Junk Store Do-Over!

I'm working on my first ASCP post, but since someone "borrowed" my phone from my hotel room in Las Vegas, I'll show you a before and after I did a few weeks ago.  I found her hiding in a corner in a flea market/junk store.  Obviously, her name is not Baby because well, you know.  I snatched 'er up for a mere $10....and I think the people thought I was nuts because I was THAT excited...Here's a before...

Yeah, I know....not beautiful...YET, but come on people...she's an antique!  I HAD TO HAVE HER!  I needed a side table for the bedroom to hold an alarm clock and the plants.    Here's an after...sorry about the bad pic I had to take it at night...

Excuse my workshop garage...hafta be resourceful!  When I first painted it I thought "OMG...what have I done?!?!"  But after some glaze (leftovers from Rustoleum's cabinet Transformations kit) she was calm and I could carry on!

See...perfect match with the bedding...and perfect fit!  After a light sanding...and a few minor repairs, I used KILLZ spray primer (X2)!  It's important to shake the primer for (like ever) about 6 minutes so it doesn't come out speckled (reeeeeeeal technical I know!) and make sure you allow enough time between coats of primer so you don't get a case of the drips!  When both coats were dry, I followed-up with Apple Green Satin by Rustoleum, and I love it!  

DISCLAIMER....When Grandma passed away...we received A LOT of plants...that's where they came from (I'm not a crazy plant-collector-person).  And...NO, I have no sponsors...but I did post a pic of the spray paint.  If you were looking for something like the end pic (as-in lid color of the can...based on my afters with the glaze, you would not find it...)

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