Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Faux Mercury Glass Tutorial

Okay, so here’s how my day started out…

Alarm went off at 6:08.  (Yes, I know…why not 5:30?)  Hubby has day off…I don’t have to get the “shit-lins” up and going.  So, I was given the fabulous gift of sleeping in.  Made coffee, let dog out, fed dog, scoped poo, scoped cat box,  spray painted lantern lamp ($5 GW find)….been primed for some time, but I couldn’t decide on colors.  Added some Ovation Opulence Pearl (pic from Centsational Girl) to Sister's Christmas Vanity Chair ($10 thrift find), showered, dressed, edited blog for a bit, washed out sippy-cups, refilled sippy-cups, applied make-up, delivered filled sippy-cups to sleeping monsters (enjoying the hard-life in bed with dad), made my coffee to-go cup, realized I needed photos for this post…took some of those, gave awesome day kisses to sipping half-sleeping kids and hubby, told the dog to be good girl, walked out into my workshop garage to get to car, saw spot on lantern lamp I missed, put crap in car, ran back into workshop garage, painted a bit, hopped into car, and was on my way to the 9-5.  GREAT MORNING!!  And I sincerely mean that…any time I can get going on time while still working on projects is a good morning. On my way to 9-5 thought of lampshade ideas for lantern lamp, then BAM!  Hit me like a ton of bricks…CHEVRON!!!  Can’t wait for the lamp reveal!  

Got to 9-5, started 9-5-ing.  Bit later, called local Michael’s store.  Spoke with Audrey regarding the availability of Krylon Looking Glass Spray Paint…and explained how I’d been in touch with Krylon, and Sherwin-Williams, and they recommended that I call the store and request they carry it (since I’d been in their store a million times hoping to snatch a can or five, but was told they didn’t carry it, and couldn’t get it)…I took it upon myself to help all women (in the area) and make miracles happen…she (Audrey) said, “wait, what’s the number?” I told her, she said, “I’m standing in an isle in my store right now, and we have three cans!”  My response, “HOLD THEM, I’LL TAKE ALL THREE, I’LL BE THERE AT 11!!!" (which is when I take my lunch...not to eat, but to beat the local crowds to great deals..)  When I got there, she was awesome, very helpful, and apologetic…I’m sure she just couldn't wait to meet the annoying lady whose day she made PER-FECT!  LOL!  
Then…back to the 9-5…checked my personal email a few times..then…a MIRACLE!!! Miss Mustard Seed….HERSELF!  e-mailed me TWICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  (Okay, it was only in response to my comments, but that's a minor detail)  Did I mention anything and everything she blogs is THE WORD (OF BLOG GOD)?!?  Oh...and I'm new to blogging so I do get super excited when I log on and see new followers...comments from Blogs I love....and news I'm going to be featured!  More on that when the time comes.  Here I sat, knowing....Lots of 9-5ing left to do….but all my little brain can think of is how all of my “faux mercury glass projects” can finally begin.  Focus!!!  During lunch my mission was: find a lampshade to do-over in CHEVRONTASTICNESS!!! NOT COMPLETED :(  BUT Hey, I got some spray paint! 
Side note (mind wondering again...tell them about what's around you so they don't think your lunch mission was a failure from the get-go)...I’m a lucky gal, see the 9-5 is conveniently located.  Here’s what’s within a 5 mile radius…you won’t believe it.  :Michael’s, Hobby Lobby, Good Will #1 and #2, Habitat Restore, K & C’s Stuff n’ Things (thrift/consignment/flea market), Trader Buck’s (thrift/consignment/flea market), Sell it Here (thrift/consignment/flea market), Lowe’s, Menards, Von Tobel (Hardware Store), Dejavu (thrift/consignment/flea market­), SSS Surplus and Salvage (ummmm, like everything), Leaping Leopards Antiques, Klassy Klutter (thrift/consignment/flea market), and that’s just scratching the surface people!!!!!!!!!!!  That’s not even including all of the fabulous antique shops down-town.  Did I mention home is not far from 9-5?  Yes, you’re starting to put it together…where did your obsession come from?  

Since I finally found my paint, here's my faux Mercury Glass Tutorial...
I'd been wanting to try this project out for size since I saw it on Take the Side Street.  Anna's tutorial is awesome!  I changed a few things up a bit by adding steps at the end, but be sure to pay her a visit!  First-find something that's glass...and full of awesomeness to spray paint.  If you're a TRUE Junk Junkie, this won't be hard.  Second-gather necessary crap supplies: Paint, Vinegar, Acrylic paint in gold and black, water, plastic bag, spray bottle, painter's tape, paper towels, and small paint brush.  REMEMBER: for this to work...LOTS of light coats....and you need to paint the inside of the glass thinggy!!  Here's what mine looked like. (I found a glass pumpkin at SSS Salvage for a whopping-1$!!!!)

Put bag around the outside of awesome glass to be painted thing....secure with painter's tape.  Yes, I know....crappy tape job...but hey it worked.  I was waaaay too excited for this project!!!  For (in this case) the lid...I didn't need to tape it off.  I just turned it upside down and was careful where the paint was sprayed.  IMPORTANT!!!  do 4-5 thin/light coats of paint and let dry in-between  coats!!!!  OR...you'll get the runs!  NO, no those runs...even worse...spray paint runs.  After it's dry, mix 1 pt white vinegar, 1 pt water and spritz the inside.  Let that sit for about 10 sec or so, then take a paper towel and gently rub on parts of the inside to remove bits and pieces of paint.  Don't worry if you take too much off...you can go back over it.  When you're happy with what you've created, grab your fabulous paint again...and do 1 or 2 very light coats.  This is where I added the extra step.  I like the darker mercury glass.  I used a little black acrylic paint to accent the spots where I rubbed off the spray paint.  Then...I used a little gold acrylic paint to further accent the spots.  I love how it turned out...

 It looks great on my Fall Dry Sink Display!  BTW...the other mercury glass items seen below were purchased for $0.50 ea. from one of my "lunch-time favorite frequents", Sell it Here!

Not too bad huh?!?  Linking up at these fab places......

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  1. I have been wanting to try Looking Glass out too- I have it, just haven't gotten around using it! I also found mine at Michaels. Great job!

  2. Thanks Katie! It's pretty easy...AND much cheaper than buying it! Let me know how yours turns out. BTW-since you're technically a newlywed...tell hubby the watch is VERY practical!!!

  3. These are fabulous! Thanks so much for the tutorial. Gorgeous! (And I'm impressed that you get so much done before you leave for work! Wow)

  4. You are, umm, like, THE BIONIC WOMAN!

    I LOVE yur mercury glass... If I could evah get my bum outta da howse, I might could find soma dat spray paint...

    I'm like you...do it all, baby! And if I find I can't do it all...I'ma least gonna freakin' try.

    Oh...and shit-lins...totally laughin' my arse off..

    You've just got a new BFF...watch out...

  5. I think your extra steps painting the mercury glass really give it an older look than just the spray. Thanks so much for sharing this- I'm going to try it!

  6. Beautiful! I did a faux mercury glass tutorial a few years ago (before Looking Glass paint) but a few weeks ago (I'm so behind on projects), I purchased the supplies to give this technique a try. I appreciate your tips - definitely helpful for when I finally give this a go! ;)
    Thanks for sharing, Ashley!

  7. Gwenn...LOOOOOVE you!!!! BFF!!! awesomeness!

  8. Jami!! Just stopped over at An Oregon Cottage, lovely blog. I'm your newest follower! I need to dig in there and find some projects to do! Can't wait! Let me know how yours turns out!

  9. Roeshel! Always a treat when you stop by! Thanks for hosting the linky, awesome projects over there...I can't wait to try some.

  10. I have been looking into some of the tutorials and your final piece really has the look I was going for. Thanks for the extra tips of how to get a more aged look.

  11. This turned out great! Can you explain more about how you used the acrylic paint to accent?

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