Friday, December 2, 2011

Show Your Glow...Another Tree!?!

Unskinny Boppy

So, Everyone has seen the picture on know...the one above...the one with the little boy in front of the Christmas Tree?!?!  Well, it's kindof a big deal.  It's from one of our fellow bloggers, Beth from the Unskinny Boppy.  Well, it just so happens, she's hosting a linky party...GOING ON RIGHT...NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'s called Show Your Glow!  She gives great info on how to take that perfect pic in front of the Christmas Tree.  Well, we all know how obsessed I'm am with Christmas, so of course, I joined in the fun!  I'll soon be doing a Home Tour...a Christmas Home Tour...because quite frankly, I could sit on my arse all day and just look at my pretty crap decorations.  So, without further's a "peek of Big Red"

"You sure nofing's nunder dere Mommy! I see sumptin, jus ah dress!" translates to; "Are you sure there's nothing under there Mommy? I see a tree skirt...where are the freakin presents?"

"Is beauful Mommy, hoowee cow!  Look at dat Crismes Tree!!!" translates to; "If I say it's pretty, will you maybe let me open one of those presents I found in the closet?!?"  AWESOMENESS!

Beth, thank you for letting us in on the details!!!!!! see more of Big Red's insignificant details, be sure to check my blog on December 20th (my birthday) for my "THIS is how our home rolls Christmas Tour..."

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