Tuesday, November 22, 2011

ANOTHER Christmas Tree?!?

Someday, I'll get my Kitchen and Bathrooms renovations posts done.  But until then...let's see another Christmas Tree...shall we?!?  Last year (before the greatest renovation in the history of my renovations) my tree in my bathroom was purple and green, BUT, since we I renovated it a couple of months ago and got rid of the purple, I decided to move most of the purple and green decor onto the kids tree -- some of the purple went to the peacock tree.  So, for the bathroom I went more for the "recycled rustic"... so here's the tree that I did for the bathroom this year along with some fun Christmas stuff... Blues and browns...I've been wanting that scheme in my house for some time!  Grandma had a few ornaments that were blue and they fit wonderfully!
 Luckily for you...the rest is just pictures.  Maybe soon, I'll show the whole bathroom...

He LOVED the Keroppi stickers soooooo much that he used the "trim" as a sticker too!  Awesomeness!

Tomorrow...the Pittsburgh Steelers (and other sports) Tree!