Thursday, December 1, 2011

Winter Whites, Silver, Sparkle and Glitter Baby!! A vinette!

I'm LOVING this 12-days of Holiday DIY!!!  Today's theme...WHITE!  (Today's theme...*update...Sparkle and glitter!)  I typically stick with the traditional green-red-gold theme, but this year, it's on like donkey kong!  Although I technically only made a few of the ornaments....I did create quite the vinette!  I've mentioned like a million times before (still grieving) that Grandma, my Saint passed away at the end of March.  Christmas was our thing...thus, she left me all of her Christmas "stuff" in her will.  Yes, you may be thinking...strange....  But, the thing is, it's not, at least to me and all of us that really knew her.  Here's a pic of our Christmas bliss...This photo was from 2007.  How my soul misses her...everyday.
So, before you read any further, please know...I've spent a lot of time trying to fix all of these pictures...and a lot of time is an understatement.  Thanks to daylight savings time, it's virtually impossible for someone who works full-time to get great shots of their little, here you go...

The angel on the left is (was) my Grandma's tree topper.  She didn't like it here at first, but she's slowly adjusting.  :(

Another shot...another try to fix poor lighting...big fat fail~!

To make the basket and mercury glass candle holder a little taller, I used old check boxes, then covered them with good old white paper napkins.  I also had some bubble wrap from who knows what, so to add more texture and some "snowy hills", I put the bubble wrap over some parts of the napkins, and under other parts.  Then, I used artificial snow (from Hobby-to-the-Lobby) to cover all of it to give it a little "fresh-fallen snow look"... All of the clear glass ornaments I made this year, the others are antiques from Grandma (they were on her Grandmother's Christmas Tree).  The ornaments I made this year are different from my typical ornaments (I'll post about those later this month).  This year, I sprinkled some with glitter, and stuffed some with antique sheet music, others I stuffed with artificial snow...and they are cute (I think).  A few of them, I simply painted white and sprinkled with glitter.  The icicles were from Grandma's tree too. The Peace sparkly thing was an ornament, I just removed the string. 

This Santa was in my Christmas decor when I unpacked the box of "Christmas crap I bought that I don't want to forget about"...If you're confused, read this post.  And the Angel he's holding was from Grandma's tree, and the owl was a splurge of mine from Ace Hardware this year ($3.99)

The little miniature tree was grandmas and the mercury silver santa bells were too.  The large pine-cone trees are from Hobby-to-the-lobby.  The Nativity Scene was Grandma's.

The star plate was a $0.50 Goodwill find...and I hung an ornament on the top before I sprinkled the snow.  The sparkly birds are from the Dollar Store.

Close-up of the most beautiful Angel Tree-Topper.

I added battery-powered lights under the snow...I wanted the Nativity Scene to light up...and it sure does.  The only problem is they are tiny little LED lights, and they are the "bright white" which means they look very different from the Angel's white light, and the Steelers/Sports tree that's next to it...and the banister which is just above it.  So, I don't turn them on very often.

Here's a sneak at the Steelers/sports tree.  I'll post about it later this month.  I hope you enjoyed my Winter Whites, Silver, Sparkle and Glitter!

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  1. Santa is so cute holding that Owl! How creative!!!

  2. Your Christmas "supply" is gorgeoous. I would have loved that to have been passed down to me as well.


  3. Such a special photo of you and your grandmother! She sounds like one amazing woman! :)


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