Thursday, December 22, 2011

What do you do when....

What do you do when all of your gifts are wrapped and all most of your projects are finished?  How about this... What CAN you do when all of your gifts are wrapped and all most of your projects are finished, AND you have some needle nose pliers?

Well, you begin ripping the carpet off your stairs silly!!!  At least that's what I'm doing.  Actually I decided to take a small 5 minute break to tell all of you what I'm doing because I know you'll share in my excitement.

Mr. A2B is against the idea, yes, I know.  However, HE'S not the one who carts the Dyson up and down the stairs to sweep.  I understand why he's concerned.  He's worried the little monsters will fall down the stairs.  Well, easy solution...I'm gonna baby-gate the stupid things again.  Because well, fact of the matter is, A: I'm bored...NOT good.  And B: I wanna break demo some crap stuff.  And C: I happen to have 10 days off starting tomorrow from the 9-5...(kinda, I have to de-Christmas the place which in and of itself will take around....ehhhhh....10 days)...but between naps and normal sleeping patterns (for reasonably sane people) I'm thinkin I can almost get it done.  And we don't leave for vaca till the first week of I'm 100% positive I'll get it done...if it kills me...which BELIEVE YOU'd be SHOCKED what will NOT kill you but only make you stronger!  So, I'm tear some stuff up!!!  WHHHOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOO!  I'll keep you updated daily!  Don't worry...ok, well except Christmas Eve...

Minor issue...Budget for the demo reno....about $20!  Who wants to wager I'll come in under budget?  If you're seriously considering taking my my posts where you can see my garage workshop.  It'll make you think twice!  I promise!  I have enough crap to build a house...almost.

Good news!  How we roll is aaaalllllllllmost good-to-the-go.  It'll be posted tomorrow afternoon!

Happy Holidays to you!


  1. OH MY GOSH, YOU ARE A CRAZY WOMAN!!! Totally sounds like something I would do, and I don't blame you one bit..I love having no carpet on the stiars, but I still have to lug the stupid vacuum upstairs to clean the boys room! I'd love to rip the carpet up out of the ENTIRE house! I HATE it! I'm thinkin' about ripping it up out of our office and bedroom, putting some plywood down and painting it in thick stripes or that totally nuts? We can't put wood in right now, but our carpet is starting to look nasty and I DO NOT want to re-carpet! Ugh! Merry Christmas, you crazy girl!

  2. AHHHHH A girl after my own heart!!You Go Girl,R O C K it!!! Deidre~


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