Saturday, December 3, 2011

12 Days of Christmas DIY! Blue! and Snow...Roadkill Rescue with Louis Blue!

So, again I'm kinda obsessed with this 12 Days of Christmas DIY!  Today (Saturday) over at Fireflies and Jellybeans!!!!!!!!  And Thursday the 8th Earth tones at Making the World Cuter. You may remember my bathroom from this post.  If you do, you'll also remember that I said hopefully I'll show the other side of the room.  Well, the reason I didn't show it was because I was working on this little project.  I needed something BIG...and had about $2.00 to spend of the project since it's Christmas time.  So, since I'd been longing to use my ASCP in Louis Blue, I improvised and decided to create something.  So I went to my stash of FREE Frames from one of my favorite Antique spots.  The guy from the spot even loaded the huge box into my truck for me...AWESOMENESS!!  Here's another shot of some of them.  (The painted ones didn't come that way, I'll post about that process later...)

And I picked out this beauty...Ok, so she WILL be...

I whipped out my Aubusson Blue, put on the first coat.  Let that dry, then put two coats of Louis Blue over that.  After some hefty distressing, I waxed with clear wax.  The other day when I was making my other RoadKill Rescue I went to Hobby-to-the-Lobby and snatched me some letters...for the other project; NOEL, for this one...SNOW.  So I went to my spray paint stash again...

This time, Mr. Krylon Classic Gray.  And, yep you read it correctly!  Price reduced to $1.99!!

I painted my cardboard letters that I picked up for less than $0.50 ea!  O yeah!

Then, I went to my stash of Craft ribbon.  I picked my spool of burlap ribbon (I used it as garland on this tree) and cut four pieces the same length.  Then, I stapled and glued them to the back of the inside of the frame.  Then, I used some good ol' Elmer's glue and dumped squirted ton where (if it had snowed on my SNOW letters) the snow would have fallen.  Then I went to my glitter stash and strategically dumped put glitter on top of the glue...and used my good ol' glue gun to attach the letters on the strips of ribbon.  If you're wondering where I got the spool of Burlap Ribbon, go to and get yourself some!  I love that website and I use it all the time.  Here are some more views of my Louis Blue Roadkill Rescue...Happy Holidays!

Yes, I did make the towel rack from some "found in the trash at the 9-5" pallets.  I'll post a tutorial on that hopefully soon!

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