Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Stairs Renovation Update #1

Hey there!  It's almost been ten days since we've spoken.  Well, I'm sad to announce that my bloggie/9-5 vaca is officially over.  As. Of. 5. a.m.!!  So, I'm back in the swing of things and wanted to start my 2012 blogging year off with a bang.  Welp, remember when I told you that I was bored, which in turn forced me to give into the temptation to tear-up remove the carpet from my stairs?  Yep, you remember now.  Wow...it really has been a while.  Ok, so I'm not going to have finished photos today, because well, it's the project from hell, it's not finished.  BUT....it is coming along.  Here's where we started.......
 Yes, carpeted insides?!?!?

 Yes, I still put the snowman kit on the stairs...lol!

They seemed to dig em'...

And here's where we are now....after a trip to Home Depot...and lots and lots of cuts later...

Ran into yet another huge problem...

Huge Problem...three inch gap!  Awesomeness!

Three coats of killz later....three million gallons of latex caulk....three episodes with wood filler later...three episodes with the palm sander later...here we were....

I believe the exact text to my dad went something like this..."Dear Latex Caulk, I know it's only been a few days since we first met, but I am in LOVE!!!"  Thanks to Rustoleum's Cabinet Transformation kit, we have tons of paint to paint the stairs....and today...during lunch from 9-5....I took my dad's advice and started with the banister too...just for craps and giggles!  Why not?!?!?!  BTW...I am NOT within my budget, but not too far off...thanks to dad coming in BIG time for Christmas with some power tools!  More on that later.  I just love him...he "GETS" me.  Here's where we are today...(before I went to work this a.m.)....yes, I know...lots of touch-ups!

He seems to dig it!  NOT!  He actually is really mad....he was screamed at quite a bit...thank goodness the paw prints came off the tile!

New trim...new floor!  I'm awesomeness!  All by myself....and wait till you see what I have in store for the wall!  and UNDER THE STAIRS!!!  Yep...I'm cutting a giant hole in my walls when these are done!  Aren't you so glad you don't live with me?!?!

And after my lunch escapade....(painted railing.....geeeze!)

Mr. A2B is against "hardwood" stairs....so we compromised and decided a runner would suffice.  So, since the cheapest I could find was about $350....I decided I am going to make one.  Thank goodness the material hasn't arrived yet because I have more painting/sanding to do before we're ready for that.  And, yes I am aware of the gaping holes at the bottoms....that's where the quarter-round shoe trim is going to go.  Well, although it has been great catching up, I must go....until tomorrow!

GUESS what I'm using for my runner?!?!?!?  YEP!!!  That's right....BURLAP!!!  mmmmm...yummy!  Talk about wingin' it!!!!

Yes, yes, I know.  You're just as excited as I am to be back in touch!


  1. I wish my comment would show in green because I am so envious of your stairs. My stairs have similar carpet on them now (and I hate it). I have a little black dog and 4 cats of assorted colors and their hair loves to settle on the stairs. I am so afraid to begin a project like yours but think I am going have to make that big step (haha) and do it. Your project is very inspiring!

  2. Holy Crapit! You whipped that monster project in the BE-hind! You are my hero... I want to cut big hole under my stairs. No what I really want to do is make the closet under the stairs a powder room, rip out the bathroom and use it as storage...yeah, that's never gonna happen...YOU ROCK!!!

  3. Thanks for visiting! Thank you for the sweet comment too! The stairs look amazing....you have inspired me as I want to do that this year!! :) HUgs~


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