Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Homemade Christmas #3 The Princess Chair ASCP and What?!?!

You may remember the vanity I did for my sister.  Well, since mom gave it to her, it wasn't a Christmas gift...BUT what's a Princess Vanity without a Princess Chair?  I'd been looking for a chair to do-over since I finished the vanity, but nothing struck my fancy.  So, one day, while on my "lunch" break from the 9-5, I spotted this beauty!

Honestly, I could have left it alone, but that's not how I roll.  So, I happily paid the man at K & C's Stuff and Things his 7 bucks, and was on my way!


I've discovered a new technique!  I've found odd similarities between ASCP and Acryllic Craft Paint.  It distresses a little differently, but the coverage is almost the same.'s what I did;  First, painted the chair in Old White.

 Wasn't doing it for me.  Was it the seat?  Let's see...hmmmmmm, I like this fabric from Hobby Lobby....WHAT?!?!  $25 a yard?!?  K...moving about this?  Yep!  A pillow cover...let's see what we can do. With a coupon...$1.25....AWESOMENESS!

See...the black was ok, but not good enough for my Princess Allie Cat...

So, I ripped removed the ends of the zipper and stapled the thing like a crazy person to the underside...left the zipper because I'm too tired if it needs to be turned into a pillow case again...easy to do...

Took forever because I had a little Monster Helper...

She DOES HAVE HAIR....I just LOOKS like a bald!

Then...onto my new discovery technique... Since ASCP is so expensive...rather than using two layers on things unless I have to, I use colored Acrylic Craft paint instead.  LOVE the stuff...tons of colors and super cheap!  Here's what she looks like with a layer of craft paint over one layer of ASCP...distressed a little....and finished with two coats of Opulence Pearl!


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