Thursday, November 17, 2011

Taming the Chaos #2 FREE Family Pictures...Let the Debacle Begin

So, last week, in the midst of the chaos of the Little Man's Birthday party, the Big Man's Birthday, finishing random projects, finishing a couple of Christmas gifts, getting Christmas crap stuff out of storage, moving unfinished furniture projects to storage,  pitching cleaning out toys, two Thanksgiving dinners last weekend...yes one Saturday, and one Sunday...I realized...I haven't ordered Christmas Cards....then I panicked because we don't have any family photos this year.  Yes I know.  Mom of the year right!?!  (START FREAKING OUT NOW!!!)  We have LOTS of pictures, but I'm the photographer, and as far as using a tripod and the timer...FORGET ABOUT IT!  Here's what would have happened...we would be telling kids..."smile"  "it's going to take your picture"..."no, Jordan, look at the camera!"  "Parker, stop kicking your dad, just look at the camera!"  "K, say cheese!!!" AND, probably when the camera finally did take the photo, if it wasn't knocked down by the overweight black lab's tail, you'd have seen something like the intro to The Simpons!!!

So, I asked my friend Tabitha to come over before one of the Thanksgivings and take a few...I'm happy with how they turned out!  I will show them in a sec...THEN, the annual, "Seriously?!?!?  They want how much to get me 50 cards?"  I'm tired of spending so much $ on cards.  By the time you add the postage, it's nuts.  So it hit me...why not post cards?  So I googled it and wham-o!  100 Postcards...color front and back...personalized and for $30!  PLUS...only $0.28 to send...not $0.44!!!!  Hope this holiday tip can save you some of your hard earned cash!

Here's our card...yes, I grayed out our address...and NO, there was not one single picture where the Little Princess was a Happy Little Princess...o well!

Here are some of the good ones...

And some out-takes!!!!


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  1. These turned out beautiful.. You have such a lovely family.. So lovely.. : ))


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