Thursday, November 3, 2011

Perry the Platypus!!!

I get it…it’s after Halloween.  However, perhaps you’ll get a clearer glimpse of my daily life, and the chaos that surrounds the chaos (Halloween was just a prime example).  Also, the birthday theme is also Perry the Playtpus, so next week when I post about that, you'll know where the resentment came from.  

My 2 (almost 3 yr. old) decided he wanted to be Perry the Playtpus for Halloween.  I know…odd.  However, I came to the conclusion that PtP was better than what he said the first time, which was…Daddy!!!  Or, on second thought…dressing him up as daddy would have been easier.  So being the “crafting, DIY-ing, conquer all, type mom that I am…I decided since I couldn’t find one anywhere on the Internet that I’m awesome and I’m making one!  BIG MISTAKE!!!!!  Not because it didn’t turn out…because it did, and it was awesomeness!  But because he decided at the last minute he didn’t want to wear it!  AWESOMENESS!  Here’s an example of what I was dealing with during one sizing….

Since I was making this stupid thing…because apparently even China was sold out of these babies…I needed a starting point.  I went to Wall to the Mart and bought fabric, batting, felt, a zipper, some little hooks, a hat from the $3 bin, and a pattern (for a Bear).  It was the closest thing I could get!  Here’s the progress.  The head was the “hood for the bear”.  I made it a little taller and stuffed Perry’s head (so the hat could go on top).  The eyes are made out of white napkins from the $1 Store…stuffed with pillow stuffing and covered with teal fabric to make the eyelids.

Did I mention my husband was out of town with my dad, so this entire project was done with BOTH monsters helping every step of the way…with no intervention!  (Also, this is not perfect by any stretch of the imagination.  This is the second time I’ve used my sewing machine.  I’ll post the first project soon hopefully!)

Talk about taking a dagger and jabbing it into my heart...Little Monster Man would not wear his costume and threw one gigantic fit after another every time I forcefully put it on him. Blood sweat and tears…AGAIN…AWESOMENESS!

Luckily, he did (after much convincing) wear it trick or treating.  He wouldn’t however put the head part on.  He’s never liked hats much.  I shouldda known Perry’s head was not doable!  Here’s what the little man was for Halloween….a teal monster? WHATEVER!

At least the little Princess wore her hat most of the evening.  She was mad because she had to ride in a borrowed stroller all night!  Can't win sometimes!!!!

There you have it!  Just wait till the birthday debacle hasn't happened yet...but whenever my son is is ALWAYS a debacle!

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