Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Goodwill Lamp "Creation" #2 and a little Bit O Christmas!

FINALLY!!!!!  Here's the second reveal for the Homemade Christmas.  I've already mentioned my bro and family are moving into a "new", for Christmas I've been making things for their rooms.  Last week, I showed you Goodwill Lamp Do-Over #1 the lamp for my niece.  If you missed it CLICK HERE.  For the boys, this lamp and a table made out of a baseball bat.  Hopefully I'll post that next week?!?  So, this isn't considered a "Do-Over" because it wasn't "done" in the first place.  I CREATED IT.  Here's how it day during lunch at the 9-5 I frequented one of my favorite places...GOOD-TO-THA-WILL!!!  I spotted this beauty...

Ok, so not so beautiful, but his price tag was VERY beautiful...$5!!!  AND, it was green, and that day Green was the 50% OFF color....Bow-chica-wow-wow!!!  SCORE! $2.50 baby!  I got to thinking...yep, lookout...."I bet I can make that into a lamp!"  So that's what I did!  I had the lamp post left over from a previous lamp project all I needed was a base.  Hail to Hobby-to-tha-Lobby!!!!  So, I found a great board, perfect size.  Used my coupon got er' done for a mere $2.99~!!!  Took him home, spray painted him with this...

Distressed him a bit, and waxed him up a bit using Fiddles & Son's wax, drilled a hole where I thought the post should go...screwed the post and he looked like this...(yes I did put the helmet there to determine where to drill and drilled through the top of the helmet at the same time)...

Then...I knew I wanted a Bears Lamp they are HUGE Fans, so I painted the helmet Blue (after I removed all the padding inside the helmet, chin strap, and face mask)...  Then, I noticed my post needed to be covered a little (I didn't want to get a new post because i knew the shade needed to be that tall) I found some wood pieces I had in my stash from one of my favs...SSS Salvage & I drilled the holes in them a little bigger...then painted them orange just like the base and put them on top.

Then, I put the face mask back on....

Then I put all the pads back in the helmet! And he looked like this...coming right along.

Then...the logo.  I did have a sticker that I ordered and was going to use...but it didn't look right because it was made for a flat surface so it wrinkled, and I had some help, which ended up ripping some paint off...which forced me to repaint the entire helmet over again! ...AWESOMENESS!!

Here's the helmet after I painted the logo...BY HAND!  Because I had no choice...

Then on to the shade.  I knew I wanted a "field" because I ordered a football finial from'll see it in a minute.  So, I went my parent's house and stole borrowed an unused outdoor rug!  Then, I covered a lampshade left over from a previous project.  Here's the shade after I painted it.  It's not perfect, but hey, it's cool.

Do you just LOVE the finial?!?!?  AND...I forgot...I DID get a lamp kit from Wall-to-tha-Mart.  $4.29.  Total cost of project:  Wait for it...wait for it...$21.77.  Might seem like a lot...but I did count the logo that I paid $3.99 for that the Little Princess really $17.88!  

I'll link him up later.  I need to finish another project!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  AAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

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  1. I LOVE that you totally MADE this! And that you handpainted the logo on! He'll LOVE it...You had me laughin' when you said you stole the rug from yur parents! That's totally somethin' I woulda done...

    Mom: Honey, what happened to our rug?

    Dad: Don't know darling...But did you see that new lamp she made? WAIT JUSTA MINUTE...

  2. Ingenious!! Can't beleive you made this from scratch and out of a helmet no less!! Boys everywhere will love this, well done!
    Go you!!

  3. Such a cool project! (And I do the "borrowing" from my parents thing all the time too! Funny!)


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