Monday, November 21, 2011

Busy Day...

Hello!  Remember me?  You used to read my blog because I posted everyday?!?!  Welp, tomorrow you can read all about one of these fabulous projects I finished this weekend...

*Homemade Christmas #3 Junk Store Chair Do-over
*You Did What to the File Cabinet?!?
*You Bought What at the Junk Store?
*How Many Christmas Trees do we Need Again?!?!
*Homemade Christmas #4 Cheese-Dome Cloche
*Homemade Christmas #5 Apothecary Jar?  Terrarium?
*Christmas Tablescape
*Christmas Mantle

YES, THAT just happened!  Sorry folks!  I was too busy this weekend to get the bones of these posts ready, and I'm still editing pictures, so that's that...Be sure to come by tomorrow to see which one I picked.

OH, I almost forgot...I made buttons too!  They aren't the greatest, but hey, they'll do!  I'll get to making more later...I have painting to do!  Be sure to grab a piece of my flair on the way out.  (they're to your right on the sidebar)...

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  1. I vote You Did What to the File Cabinet?!? Cause I need some ideas for mine. Cannot wait to read your next post.


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