Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Stair Renovation Update #5

Hello Everyone!  I miss all of you yesterday!  I didn't have a chance to post because (LOOOOOOONG Story short.....) Two little munchkins are sick and needed Mommy to stay home with them.  Typically Mr. A2B stays home with the kiddies but yesterday he couldn't rearrange his work schedule as it was a "mom's walking out the door to go to the 9-5 and we discover a puddle of vomit on the Little Man's bed" kinda thing.  Don't worry....I did finish the runner (kinda)....and did manage to paint the wall above the board and batten wall...(because I got up at the typical 5 am to get work done.....THEN we discovered the shitlins were needing a visit to the dr.)  So, the runner is finished...the wall above the board and batten is finished....HOWEVER....I still need to sand the board and batten section down and give it one last coat of paint, and paint the piece of trim in the loft area...AND I found something that's going to work (for where the rise meets the tread) to pull the runner a little this is an "almost" finished project.... With the addition of square dowel rods at the bottom....I'm a happy camper!

BUT....I have had a chance to half-way knock out the "hole in the wall under the stairs/storage/playhouse/whatever project".  I can't wait to post that tomorrow!  It's totally AWESOMENESS!!!  Better than expected thus far (which usually means I have about four or five bumps in the road ahead...)  O well!!!

See ya tomorrow!!!

A revised sample coordinates the mod wallet.