Monday, January 16, 2012

Under The Stairs Storage/ Clubhouse...Update #7

Well my friends, we are getting there!  I'm hoping to do the big reveal (including the new gallery wall, board and batten walls, clubhouse, and storage area, all in one!!!!!!!)
We (I) made lots of progress this weekend.  Dad came over yesterday to assist with the electrical.  He would have done more, but he has been sick with whatever the Little Monsters and Mr. A2B I let him off the hook this time!

The door in the pictures is the 2nd door I made...yes...MADE.  The first one was too heavy so I had to rip it apart, and make a new one....AWESOMENESS!!!

Behind these doors......MY storage space

I put books in there so you get the idea...

For now, there are lots of tools back there....

Here's the ceiling light....

I did a lot of painting this morning, but didn't have a chance to shoot any can see more tomorrow!  AND...the little rugs are in there just until I'm finished painting/sanding/whatnot...then I'll install the carpet.  I'm too tired to explain the BIG DEAL that happened Friday's the gift from heaven I referred to a few weeks ago.  I'll explain later this week.

Happy Monday my friends!