Thursday, January 12, 2012

Stair Renovation Update #6 and Clubhouse Update #1

Well Pals, today Mr. A2B is home sick....(with the shitlins....who are both, amazingly enough...feeling much better!!)  I sanded down the Board and Batten wall, and painted it this morning.  The pictures don't show much of an update, so instead, I'll show you the "hole in the wall under the stairs/storage/playhouse/whatever project" update.  I'm happy to announce, the new sub-flooring is in....and hopefully Dad can spare a couple of hours this weekend to come over and assist me with a "shelf to cover the copper pipes so the monkeys don't hang on them" problem.  Here's the progress on that.  (Hopefully I can finish the painting tonight....and the big reveal can come asap!!!!)

Here's where we were....the first hole I cut in the wall!

I moved this thing...and rearranged the living room....It's taken me a little to get used to but it's amazing how much it opens up the room!

Then, after I cut the hole bigger, this is what I had to deal with!  Thank God for shop vacs!...And Hazard Masks!!!

Got er' all cleaned up...

Cut the hole bigger....put in a new "shelf" with left over trim/whatnot I found laying around in my garage workshop...

 Here's the outlet I'm turning into two lights on a switch!  (One inside and one outside)


Here's the shelf...

I'll be putting doors there in the frame (that's the "storage" area)...because....I don't want the kids getting stuck in there...I need to finish the floor back there...and those are the lights hiding out!

Here's where I need Dad's help...he's a an expert on building things that can survive the wrath of the Little Monsters!!! Oh, and there's that little thing called "code"...whatever....So he'll know what has to be "accessible".  I figured when we do'll be appealing to the new owners...they can make it a wine cellar, or use it for storage....or whatever!

See ya tomorrow!!!!!  I hope I get lots done tonight!  I am dying to paint this thing!  And I got a "scrap" of super expensive carpet and a pad for $14.00 at Lowe's...whodathunkit?!?!?


  1. You're very lucky to have a resource like your dad to help you with those little things like "code" etc.

  2. Mark!!! I can't wait to take a trip up to my ol' stompin' grounds and "accidentally shop" at your place! Happy you found me~!


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