Monday, January 30, 2012

Rescued Entry Table....The Foyer Makeover


I don't know about you, but I personally need to STOP!!!  Okay, so maybe just slow down. A. LOT.  It all started when I ripped the carpet off the stairs...then, this all happened....Started looking around and thinking...yep, bad, I know.  Then, looked around in Bloggieland for some inspiration...and went at it...

-Rip carpet off stairs-check
-Refinish stairs-check
-Decide to do a board and batten wall or two-check
-Discover HUGE waste of space under stairs-check
-Create a playhouse under the stairs-check
-Decide to repaint wall above board and batten wall-check
-Decide I really don't like our entry way-check
-Do something about it-WELP, CHECK!!

This project was a "quickie".  Everything else around this area is new...Kitchen (I'll get to posting that soon), new board and batten, new stairs, new runner, new clubhouse/ why not the entry?  Well, here's part of it...the walls are like 30' high!  For starters.  I had replaced the fixtures like two years ago...and no, unfortunately I did not save the old crap ones because I was unaware they were worth like a million bucks because I wasn't a blogger then, and I was soooooo happy to get rid of the 80's brass-that, I didn't care.  I know...I'm kicking myself now but that's okay.  I moved the bench next to the clubhouse, and the dry sink over on another wall, and it opened up our "foyer"...  I don't know if this counts as a "foyer" or not, but for all intents and purposes, we are going to call it that because it sounds fancy and I like it!  MMMMMkkk?  k!

So Here's a before...

  Yep...nothing special.  No character. So, I thought, hmmm....I do have a table upstairs that's not being used for much....and it would be perfect there.  The little voices in my head made me do it.  PLUS...I figured it was FREE...Litterally, I rescued it out of my neighbor's trash pile.  She's a silly girl.  I finally told her (last October) to just start putting things in my she did.  A whole house full of furniture.  She was moving and was in this "I am only taking what fits in a backpack", I gladly helped her move...almost all of her things into my garage.  More on that later.  I mentioned here how much I'm loving the "industrial style" here's what I came up with; here she is before....

And here she is after....

I used ASCP in Paris Grey on the legs, and sanded the entire piece by hand after that.  Then, I used light wax on the legs, and a combination of dark and light on the top.  I got the mirror at Hobby-to-the-Lobby last week for $20 (but I used my giftcard) and thanks to Pinterest, a friend of mine had seen my "wish" board and told me to go to Meijer and get the vintage locker baskets there.  I'll be going back....oh yes, I will be getting more.  It's easier that hoping to luck out at all my Junk stores and Antique places.  So, for $30 I picked up some baskets for storage.

I also painted the doors (entry and garage)...why not?  For the stripes, I didn't want to buy more paint, so they are just two coats of Opulence Pearl....I love that stuff.  I had the orchid, and the old gold frame.  (I explain all about my box of free frames here).  The wooden block picture is Mr.A2B....too fitting!  Holy CRAP!!!  The power of paint!

By doing this tiny little makeover I solved one of my toughest problems; the bar.  Mr. A2B seems to think it's where everything should go...welp, not any more I say, not any more!  One last before and after...woooooooozzzza!!

And...the stairs are done...If only I could decide on a gallery wall!

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