Monday, January 23, 2012

Measure Twice, Cut Once...Nuff' Said!

Welp, yep.  Being a perfectionist really bit me in the be-hind this time....rather than finishing up the project for the big reveal today...I decided I was going to re-frame(in) the door.  Why?  Why not?!?!  There was an issue when I was trimming out the inside.  I thought a few minor adjustments could solve the issue....WRONG! what did I decide to do?  Rip it it again!  After measuring everything out...AGAIN....cutting boards to do this door frame...AGAIN...I realized it wasn't me.  Two days wasted because the studs I was framing the door between weren't square...awesomeness.  HOWEVER, I'd already ripped apart the door.  So some of the wasted two days was spent constructing a new door.  Here's where we are now. (and yes...I just now noticed the paint drippings...awesomeness...add an extra 30 minutes.....)

DIY curtain hooks.

Here's a list of what I have to finish...
*Sand crown just a bit and give one final coat of paint. Estimated time: 20 minutes
*Caulk/fill edge of tall bookshelf...and sand...and give one final coat of paint. Estimated time: 1 hr. (hafta let the spackle dry).
*Spackle and paint (NEW) door.  (Door #3)...(X2)...sand in between...  Estimated time: 2 hrs.
*Finish two (1') trim on hand rail on stairs...spackle...sand...paint (X2)... Estimated time: 1 hr.
*Trim outside of door... Estimated time:25 minutes
*Paint wall above board and batten wall on stairs... Estimated time: 30 min.
*Paint trim above that wall...from the loft...suspending myself over the ledge like superman... Estimated time: 30 min
*Paint wall to the left of the wall that's above the B&B wall...(whatever)...Estimated time: 3 hrs...(it's a 30' wall!!)
*Paint one last coat on wall outside the door... Estimated time: 45 minutes.
*Figure out a Gallery wall layout... Estimated time....who knows at this point.

So, knowing myself as well as I do...(knowing I won't be able to work on this Wednesday or Thursday...) We are shooting for Friday.  By the hopefully my accessories from the UK will have arrived!  HINT HINT!!


  1. Looks so good!!! I can't believe there is anything else left to do! Good job toots!! xoxo

    1. ahhhhhhh!!!! My dearest friend. You always seem to know just the right way to boost my self esteem! That's why I love you!

  2. It looks great. I am impressed with all the work you have done! Thanks for stopping by. I just sent you an email but I am not sure it went thru! I see a Thomas train in your boys used to love Thomas. They still play with them every now and then. Cherish every moment when they are little. Like I said, it goes way too fast!


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