Wednesday, January 4, 2012

NOT a Stair Renovation update...but a Pintrest Rant....Hate Mail? Hate Pinning?

Ok, so I'm new already knew that, but by reiterating that fact, you'll further understand where I'm coming from.  If you're just now joining, go back 43 posts ago...get to know me a little and then read this.  Otherwise, you'll just think I'm some Nuts-O-Crazy person.  Which, I totally am, but you can't call me that....until you get to know me, and appreciate the nuts-o-crazy-person-awesomeness!  You'll also find I prefer to make-up words.  No worries.  It's fun.  You should try it.  Okay, so back to the rant.  I'm new here in bloggieland, and for the most part, the world-wide web has been very kind to me.  I posted a special thank you to all of my readers before Christmas.  (so if you're catching's to you as well.  k? k.)  I posted the Thank You because I'm sincere, and have learned so much from all of my readers, and fellow bloggers here in bloggieland.  NOW, with that being said, you can imagine the confusion when I stumble upon blogs such as

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!~  People wouldn't do such a thing?!?!


Today, I am a Pintrest Victim!  Actually, not so much because I understand that just as in texts, emails, and "pins" can't interpret the "tone/reasoning" behind it...and, Hey, it's my fault for putting it out there.  However I'm new....when I have a project that's pinned....I get butterflies in my tummy!  Every morning I JUMP out of upstairs....and check my email for new comments.  Literally, because I personally find it rewarding when someone likes something I do.  As far as rude comments on blog posts....I'm still a virgin.  Thank goodness.

HOWEVER....not on Pintrest.  Here's what happened....I was so excited to see so many visitors to my teensy-tiny space here in bloggieland....from Pintrest.  So, I took a gander through to see what's been repined.  WOW!!!  My Bears Lamp.  (That. Was. A. Gift. For. My. Little. Bears-loving. Nephew!!!!!!)  He loved it!  When I saw his little face light up at Christmas when he opened it, I felt the most rewarding feeling!  I can't even explain it.  It's not like he only liked it because he's a little kid that doesn't know better, he loved it because I MADE it for him.  I thought it was cool.  I'm going to do a Steelers one if I come across another helmet.  My brothers both liked it, Mr. A2B liked it, and my parents liked it.  That's all that should matter.  I guess I'm not so disheartened because someone didn't like it.  I think I'm more taken-back because someone went out of their way to pin it to one of their boards titled....Uh, No!

It's one thing to dislike something...but do you have to go out of your way to tell everyone that you DO. NOT. LIKE. SOMETHING.???  I'm not 100% sure, but I can almost bet that you've never visited my blog.  I can almost bet you don't know me, and I can almost bet you have no idea how I made this, how much time I put into it, or how excited I was when I finished it, but most importantly, I KNOW without a doubt that if you could have seen the expression on the little boy's face when he opened this lamp on Christmas, it would have brought a smile to your face, and much needed warmth in your heart.  Even if you're not a Bears fan...fine, why don't you say that?  I'd also like to say that I expect honest CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM....from my family, and FRIENDS.  You.....are not my friend.  I wouldn't be friends with you, because you're not nice.  Grandma taught me long are the company you keep.  And, I'm NOT. KEEPING. YOU.

I have stairs to finish so I can sit back and enjoy my latest accomplishment!  Enjoy your day Ms. Littlejohn Wallace!


  1. It's entirely possible that she pinned it to the wrong board... I've done that a few times. I'll be pinning stuff to my DIY board and then I'll pin a recipe. When I pin another DIY thing I'll forget that my last pin was to the recipe board and boom, it's in the wrong board.

    I am a pretty honest person... if I thought that your creation sucked wind, I would say something encouraging like, "what does she know, you did great!"... but I'm looking at that project and thinking that she must have pinned it to that board by mistake... that project is pretty sweet.

    Don't let it get you down! I think you're super-awesome!

  2. I am friends with one of the creators of Where Hate Mail GOes To need to have this story on that blog! I will send her your way to take a look.

    I for one love the lamp, I think you have the wrong team but I believe we've already discussed that. You do not need to worry about haters, they will always find something to pick apart at least until they are happy with themselves.

    Thanks for linking up!

  3. YOU GO GIRL! You tell her off! What a hag. I bet she doesn't have friends IRL. And Vivienne would LOVE to post this on her Favorite Hate Mail blog! Did she contact you yet?

    I think your lamp is amazing. I'm 100% sure that nothing I've ever posted has ended up on pinterest since I can't make anything.

    Thanks for linking up with us! Is this your first time? Come back next week too! =)


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