Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Shared Spaces! The Kids' Room....Better After!

Finally!!!!  I'm getting to show you various projects I've finished up over the past few months!  It seems like Christmas and all the hoopla that surrounds it stole all my space on here...  But now.  Let's take a trip down memory lane....when we were preparing for little Monster Baby #1  Here's the during...yes...nesting at its best...room's not even cleared out yet...and I'm demanding sweetly requesting that Mr. A2B gets the stripes painted already....wow!  Those were the days...we had a "guest room...."


 The overweight black lab (before she went into depression because Little Baby #1 came)...she's hard at work....ahhhhh...finally...window treatments!  and please note the date on the pics....Baby wasn't born until November!  Yes...I'm a raving lunatic.  But only when I'm prego~!  I promise! :)
 Sore neck huh?!?!?  yep...you'll think sore neck....Like the crib?  My mom scored it at a yard sale....STILL IN THE BOX....price: $150 (including a bassinet that was in our room)
 A few details....and a crib stuffed with toys that hardly got played with!  You know how many times I had to rearrange this place to make it perfect!?!?  Yep...crazy person over here!

 Ah....I don't even remember when "sit-arounds" were permitted in this room!
 Little monster #1 transitioned to this bed...and Monster #2 was on the way, so we left the crib up....it never was really used much.  We went super cheap creative and bought "pet" steps for the bed so Little Monster #1 could get in and out...yes we had a rail... (because all my crap was shoved under the bed, so it was on risers...waaaay too high for an 18 month old...but he LOVED the bed.  So, we let him have it...until....well, about 6 months ago...)

Here's the next transition phase....Oh....we were so excited the day the lampshade came!  The lamp was the splurge....from PB.

He kinda missed his "big boy" twin bed!  But at least he can still see the tv...yes, bad parents...kids have tv in their room...don't judge!

The Little Boy Monster wants the Little Girl Monster's bed...I can't win!  And, here we are today...with my new-found bloggie craftiness!  BEWARE!!!  PHOTO OVERLOAD....

A Little sign I found at Amazon

This was a wedding gift!  We had a luau!

I used ASCP...Provence and Old White 50/50 to make the color

Another wedding gift.  My father in law is friends with the Artist!

From Mr. A2B for our 1st Anniversary!  The poem on the left is how he proposed.  I'll post it sometime soon because it's sooooo sweet.  The 1st letter of each line spells....Will you marry me Ashley!

Dream Catcher #1 for Monster Boy...BP clearance

Dream Catcher #2 for Monster Girl...BP Clearance

One of Little Monster #1's Baptism gifts...

Sign for little monster #2...PB clearance

Sign for little monster #1...PB clearance

From my BFF during college....she's also our little monsters' God Mother

Yes...I allow crap on the bed!  BUT I LOVE the Scentsy Buddies....Thanks to Debbie Doo's!  I won a giveaway! The Perry pillows on their beds are also from PB....clearance!

Can't forget Perry the Platypus

My first sewing project without Grandma :(  Found the hamper at TJMAXX...spray painted it and used the old liner as a pattern....and made my own and added a ribbon 

She LOVES it!

They LOVE the reading corner! and we get dinner from this kitchen every night!

The smaller polka dot rugs were just extras that I used in the playhouse while I was doing that...and they each wanted one...so I let em'.  The blankets on the foot of the beds were gifts from good friends of ours when the Monsters were born.

My Dad helped make this shelf...to hold the most treasured details...mostly wedding and baptism gifts....  Our unity sand from our wedding is on the far right.

This is all of our wedding center pieces that our guests didn't take with them...we put all of the contents together and we'll cherish it forever....

I'll post more about this whole project....but that's all for now!  Happy Tuesday!

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  1. So cute! I love all the pops of color. I bet you are glad this project is DONE!

  2. Oh my Goodness!!! You have no idea how happy I am that this is done. Looking back....it seems like FOREVER....It kinda "evolved" so it's so cool to enjoy it finally complete. I find myself just sitting in there looking around. I'm so happy you came back!

  3. You are one talented lady! I love the wide stripes. Love your blog too! I'm a new follower - pop on over for a visit sometime if you'd like!

  4. Love it! What a fun space for a couple of monsters! :)

  5. The room is so sweet! Thank you for sharing at Potpourri Friday!

  6. Awesome post!!! I love how you made it work REALLY WELL! I'm your newest follower through GFC and Linky! Thanks for sharing at my party! Excited to see what you share at my party tomorrow! XO, Aimee


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