Thursday, February 9, 2012

Good Juice and Some Bad Juice...and FORT HARD KNOCKS!

Two nights ago, Little Monster #1 looked very sternly up at Mr. A2B and while violently waiving his pointer finger said; "Dad, I got some good juice an some bad juice, which one eww wont?"  I was sleeping...WAS sleeping, but was woken up by Mr. A2B's hysterical, almost snorting, he came in and I asked what could possibly have been that funny, he shared the experience, and I was laughing so hard I couldn't breathe, and had tears streaming down my face.  The joys of parenthood.  WOW~!  Then last night, the good and bad "juice" was asked about again.  This time, I was home with the Monsters by myself because Mr. A2B was bowling.  So, the "bad juice" was Little Monster #1 had a pee in his pants, the "good juice" was, "it jus ahaxident"...AWESOMENESS!  I couldn't even be mad. Instead, we built Fort Hard Knocks!  BTW- neither Mr. A2B nor myself have the first clue as to where the good and bad news came from.  We can only imagine where he picked it up!

I've got lots in the I'll leave you with this...because sometimes it's fun to be a kid!

Yep...having the playhouse under the stairs, is like we built a room addition to our "Forts".  We usually build one every week or so...sometimes like everyday....but having the playhouse is an extra bonus...

Now, this may not look like a great fort- but I assure you it was.  In all its glory, Fort Hard Knocks was immaculate.  Unfortunately, I forgot to snap pics before we started dismantling it.  It was complete with three rooms....two sleeping bags, 16 bed pillows, an overweight black lab, one Tater cat, Mom, and Little Monsters 1&2!  Oh yes, and a basketball hoop.  We no longer have clean bedding...anywhere because it was all ironically covered in pet'd that happen?  How was bowling honey?!? :)  Good...never mind that mountain pile of linens...we can work on that over the weekend.  I decided we needed to "sanitize" the place, so tonight we're just going to sleep with sheets.  mmmmmmkkkk???!?  k...night honey!


  1. The bad juice, good made me laugh. Kids say the cutest things. Enjoy them while they're little. They grow up so fast.

  2. Gotta wonder where he picked that up but smart kid to think of options! ~ Maureen


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