Monday, February 6, 2012


Leo was my FIRST GLAZED FURNITURE PIECE!!!  Yes, I know. Exciting huh?!?  I finished him this summer.  I don't have before pics...because I wasn't blogging then.  But, you can imagine a honey oak-ish color...that was him!

Here he is with two coats of primer....

 After two coats of Heirloom White!

 The glaze is left over from my Rustoleum Cabinet Transformation Kit...just paint it on, and wipe it off...Topped him off with three coats of wipe on poly!!!!

And here he is in the house.  I named him Leo because of his feet!  When I spotted him at one of my junk stores for only $10....I knew he was mine.  Because he is a perfect match to our dining room/kitchen table that's living in storage!  Gotta love junk stores and spray paint!

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