Monday, February 20, 2012

Pottery Barn Knockoff Tutorial...DIY Taxidermy Decor

Happy Friday!  I mentioned here that I would do a tutorial on how I created this but you know how it kids.....sick Mr.A2B...sick me...ya know.  So, here's what we had....Thanks to my Dad's GREAT FIND!!  Yes...he found this in the woods...
The spot is the spray paint...Heirloom White...My FAV!  I almost forgot to take a pic.  WHEW!  Take this guy, add one coat of primer, two coats of HW....and we get....

This...Mr. Fancy Pants.

I picked up a wood plaque from Hobby to the Lobby with a coupon and it was under 7$.  I busted out the ASCP in Arles and French Linen. I finished him up after a little distressing with light wax.  Then the issue of attaching Mr. Fancy Pants to his "clothes"...yep some floral wire and picture hanging thingamajiggs!  True. Story. Here he all of his Pottery Barn Glory!  Of course, it was during Christmas....

And Neeked...(now..."undressed" for the holidays)...

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  1. Looks great! Even if I did have a skull kicking around, it would freak out my vegetarian daughter. Love yours, though. ~ Maureen

  2. Love this Ashley.. Absolutely a thing of beauty.. love the christmas version too..
    Oh and we do have something in common..My son's name is Jordan.. :o)

    keep blogging..keep inspiring..


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