Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Old Wine Jug Lamp Tutorial....Another PB Knockoff!


Hello Beautiful People!
I'm not sure how the weather's been your way, but it's been extremely mild for Indiana.  Although, I say that, and according to, snow may be coming Friday.  I've been overwhelmed with a sinus infection, a cold, and the flu for the last two weeks.  Finally, today-I'm starting to feel a little better!  I can't help but think it's partly due to the weather.  Typically, I'm never sick.  And wouldn't you know it, just as I start to feel better, the little Monsters start to feel yucky!  Oh, the joys of parenthood!  Before I get into the tutorial I want to share just a few exciting upcoming posts.  I'm going on vacation next Wednesday and since I will be gone for awhile, I asked some of my favorite Bloggie BFF's to enlighten you!  Beginning March 2nd through the 9th don't miss a post during  "A Week With The Girls"...just to tease you-here are their names...Kate, Gwen, Janette, Marilyn, Cassie, Sarah, Roeshel, and Traci...I'll let you think about it, and if you're lucky, tomorrow I'll reveal their blogs.  On to the tutorial...

Here's what you'll need:
Burlap lampshade (or shade of your choice)
Old jug, glass bottle...whichever you prefer
Bottle lamp kit
Phillips Screwdriver (when you assemble the lamp kit)
Light bulb

You can get the bottle lamp kit at Wallmart for around $4 or $5 bucks.  They also have lamp kits that aren't specifically bottle lamp kits, and they will work as well.  If you get one of those, you'll need heavy duty adhesive.  I didn't have a bottle lamp kit, so I just used the adhesive and it worked fine.

Okay, so literally I've been loving these lamps from Pottery Barn.  HOWEVER~I'm not rich, and honestly, if I DID have an extra $250-$300 dollars lying around...I sure as hell wouldn't spend it on a lamp!  Aren't they LOVELY?

$349.00  Pottery Barn
$99 Pottery Barn
$169 and $199 Pottery Barn
$149 Ballard Designs

$209 Pottery Barn

You get the there I was...STUCK...Hmmm....what to do what to do?  Make one!  This is the easiest of easy projects.  I'm sure Mr. A2B could do it...and he doesn't do things like this!    

First, the jug-My Grandma used this old jug as a door stop filling it with change all year, to put into the little plastic Easter Eggs.  I didn't want to get rid of it, but wasn't sure how to "showcase" it.  Since it has so much sentimental value-I wanted it to get attention.  Then, the shade.  I knew I wanted burlap.  it was a splurge, BUT I wasn't patient enough to scour all my junk places...I wanted it done...YESTERDAY!
Not to mention how great of a conversation piece it is!  It's on the ledge of the half wall up in the you can see it right when you walk in the house.  And, I'm planning on finishing up the gallery wall this weekend, so I'll get better pics of this when it's done.  I didn't want to spoil it for you.

And the best part?!?!?  Mine only ran me $18.98!!!  The shade was $14 at Target.  And the lamp kit was $3.99 found one that was "previously opened"....and I couldn't have cared less...all the guts were there!  Now that I saved $ on my lamp....I can dream about this little side table.... too flippin cute!

$179 Ballard Designs

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  1. I can never understand why those lamps are so $$$$'s just a jug and a lamp kit! Way to go, Ashley!

  2. Looks great! The price is even better! ~ Maureen


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