Friday, February 10, 2012

It's Almost March...YOU ORGANIZED YET?

How's your day?  Well, it's about to get a whole lot better!

It seems like every year around this time, we're bombarded with new and exciting ways to "organize our lives".  For me, it's almost overwhelming at times.  The reality of it is this; when I remember "things" I have to do, "things" I have to buy, "things" I need to look into, and "things" that need done for the kids, I'm typically at the 9-5 in front of my computer.  And while I have various bookmarks, they too can become unorganized and overwhelming.  Case and point.... Here's what my "blogging" folder looks like....

I know...right?!?!  I try....but it's almost impossible.  And this is just ONE of my folders.  Let's not even get into the personal I need to I want to try...articles I want to read...and anything else.  Why am I showing you this?  Well, I have found a solution to the madness. I'm super excited to introduce my newest pal: Clipix!  What am I talking about?  Watch this short video, and you'll see...

Are you excited yet?  HOLY COW!  I feel like I just won the lottery.  Did you see the Clipix icon where all of my social icons are?'s pretty amazing!  

My favorite features so far are; Clipix automatically generates a description, applies the cost of the item I'm clipping (when applicable), allows me to choose the thumbnail I want...or I can generate my own, lists the website I "clipped" from, has an iPhone app.  Why is that my favorite?  Hmmmm....ever heard of "price-matching?"....mmmmkkkkkk!  Well, yesterday I trucked over to Lowe's.  I went there for an item I needed to finish a project.  When I found it, it was $0.29 MORE than what it was when I clipped it from another website.  I pulled it up with my app...and Lowe's honored the price....AWESOMENESS!  

Clipix is great because I can pick and choose which clipboards I want to share, and with whom I want.  I've only been using it for a few days, but my Mom's on board and we've decided to use the sync feature when we're Christmas shopping and preparing to shop for Black Friday because not only will it help us remember what we bought (by taking a snapshot), for whom the gift was purchased, and how much it cost.  When we clip to the syncboard, it'll show up on her phone, and mine.  What an amazing feature and tool to have.  If you're a savy'll want this!  We all know who matches competitor's prices, Clipix puts everything in a convenient place so gone are the days when you "knew someone else had it cheaper" but forgot where.  Here are some of my boards;

I've also found myself using Clipix for Silhouette shapes I like, excursions I'd like to try on our upcoming vacation, and news articles I'd like to read.  My Multiboard is "Things to Buy"...I can have as many clip boards in that category as I'd like.  The possibilities are truly endless!  Go to clipix, sign yourself up...NOW...and start clipping.

If you'd like more information, visit Clipix on Facebook or follow Clipix on Twitter.

I will NOT be disappointed!

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