Friday, December 9, 2011

DIY Quick & Easy Gifts! An Ornament Tutorial!

So, I've highlighted a lot of ornaments I've made this year, but I'll highlight this one so I can enter Roeshel's 12 Days of DIY Christmas!  She's over at The DIY Showoff if you'd like to enter too!  Her blog is you should check her out anyway.  So, today I'm doing a tutorial on how to make quick and easy painted ornaments.  There are lots of things you can do.  Yes, you have to look at this entire post before you get the tutorial, because I conveniently placed it at the bottom.

Here are some I made last year for all the guys at the 9-5.I asked each one of them what their favorite NFL team was then went to work.  Here are the Patriots, Redskins, and Steelers.  I also made Cowboys, Browns, Colts, Packers, and Bears but unfortunately, I wasn't blogging then so I don't have pics.

This year, I've been obsessed with sheet music and the natural-looking ornaments.  On the bathroom tree, I stuffed little ornaments with shredded sheet music.

For Big Red, I stuffed ornaments with Faux Snow, glitter, shredded sheet music, and others I just glittered the outside.  Same with the Christmas Vinette...Same with the FAMILY ornament on the Mantle.

For Teacher gifts for my little sister (yes I have a 6 year old sister-if you want the full story as to how and or why, read this post)...I typically paint, and glitter!  It's similar to last year's gifts.  Everyone was given a hand-made ornament.  Multi-colors was the "theme"... I LOVE to give these out to couples, on the back is where I write Est. and the year they were married.  If we were invited to a wedding that year, which lately seems to be like 4/yr. I always save the invitation, run it through the shredder and put it in the clear ornaments. No need to paint those.  And on the tag?  Merry 1st Christmas as Mr. & Mrs!   We actually have a wedding tomorrow, so I'm going to be doing that one tonight, and I'll post that tomorrow...(at least that's the plan) :)

The most meaningful ornament I have?  Ok, one of the MOST meaningful? Grandma "Boo Boo's ornament".  I found it this year unpacking all of her Christmas Decorations...She LOVED it last year when she opened it... Tears :(

I display them all here...

Sorry, like I said before, I wasn't blogging then, so I don't have pictures of all of them, but it's a few.  And as far as wrapping these, I typically use "take-out boxes"...You can find them almost anywhere by the wrapping supplies for around $1-typically less.  Here's what they look like...'s a common joke around my mom & dad's house on Christmas...."Hey Ashley, do you want this ribbon back!?!"  Funny...of course I say yes!  They make fun of me, but every year, I could skip the part on the gift tags that reads: From:  Because they all know it's from us anyways, no one wraps like me!!!!  Not only that, but other than adding a few small pieces of new ribbon, I recycle everything.  Mr. A2B even assists with the $$ cutting the paper off of his gifts, and refolding it so it can be reused.  The kids on the other hand...Not HAPPENIN'!

To create the clear ornaments, you'll need; paint markers, glitter, and pretty decorative ribbon. I love all things!  Yes, I have a ribbon problem.  I've been seeking help.

Here's what I USED:

Glass ornaments, Snow Flakes, Elmer's Painters (paint markers) and Tulip's Fashion Glitter.  Paint whatever you'd like on the ornament. Once you decide what you want to sparkleize, paint it a second time, then immediately sprinkle the glitter over it.  It will be dry in a few minutes, then either do different glitter colors, with different markers, or tie the ribbon through the metal hook...and you're done! Wrap...Give...Presto!

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  1. Wow! So many great ornament ideas, Ashley! Thanks so much for sharing in the glass/mirror party! ;)


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