Thursday, November 29, 2012

Craft Room Makeover Reveal

I've been going back and forth on whether or not I should reveal the details of this room or the entire room and go over the details next week....  I've already revealed the desk do-over it was a labor of love, so I might as well show you the whole room.

Here are some before shots...  *Disclaimer: these were taken "during" the, naturally there is CRAP all over the place, but I didn't think to take awesome pictures of the before...BEFORE because I was so excited to get the project going.
@ the top of the landing...
Computer "area"?!?
"Craft area/bed for....guests?!?!"
My ribbon problem...
Yep, pretty awful, I know.  First issue: repaint the space...the maroon (while it was pretty) was too dark, and made it impossible to decorate.  Paint choice: Stone Lion from SW...(because I already had a half gallon left from my bathroom, and it's a grayish/brownish...)  Here's some progress....

Here's what the garage looked like....

 Once she was painted: next issue: get rid of huge honkin desk that cannot be arranged any other way, or moved to any other wall....then, de-crapify the loft....and organize it....and find another "inexpensive desk"...then, for the fun part...decorate it!

So, let's see this bad boy shall we?!?
Up the stairs that I  And at the top of the stairs?  An overweight black lab, our little Rookie.

And yes, my gallery wall is finally done!  But honestly, I've not had time to post about it. You can see the giant picture tutorial here.  And, hopefully next week, I'll let you know what I did for the wall....but here's the loft...and all its awesomeness!

To keep the cost down, I ordered fabric and made my own drapes.  I bought Ikea lights off of Amazon (no Ikea here) ;( and mounted them to the wall and put the middle one "through" the drapes.  I like the effect!  This photo was a "during" photo...getting the new desk in was a debacle in itself, I'll tell you about that later.  AND-pardon the fan, it was HOT up there!

Another "during" photo, after the desk came in and the white curtains were hung behind the stripes.

Another view of the window, and the chunky doggie! 

Guest bed, (I used the left-over material to make a body pillow cover)...some of the pillows are from Etsy, Target, and.PB Teen

Top of landing, another view.  Yes, I re-did furniture, but more on that later...

A view of my "craft area"

(Sorry about the bad pics....luckily I remembered to take them)...I made the lamp(shade) well, actually re-did the entire lamp twice (below), and also added another Ikea light on the wall....(above)


Ahhhhh....a "space for me"....and the kids....and the dog, and the cats, and our guests, ahhh, yes, and Mr. A2B!

A shot of our new desk!  And, Big Bertha is still there too.  Read about her transformation here.  And here are some of my favorite details.....I'll explain them later when I get a free minute second...whew!  FINALLY!!!

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