Friday, November 16, 2012

Labor of Love

Why is this post titled "Labor of Love"?  Well, it's simple really, allow me to explain.  
Me: "Hmmm....I think I'll redo the loft, and make it more functional for the little monsters, and create a space for them to let their minds run wild!"  (Sounds simple enough right?!?).... I had this desk I purchased at one of my favorite junk spots, SSS!  And it came with an antique part, it was only $15!  SCORE!!!

Me: "Hmmm....since it's THEIR space, perhaps I will allow them to choose the color scheme?!?!  (This actually turned out to be one of the best ideas about the room)...more on that later.  BUT, here's a peek of the rug I scored for super cheap at Target during their "Back to School" sale.

Me: "Jordan, are you sure you want these colors?"  Jordan: "Yes mommy, I love it!!"  (how could I resist?!?)  So, I'll reveal the whole room next week, but by little monster #2 picking the rug, I decided I was going to go all out and "fun-up" the room so naturally, I started with the desk.  Here's my little monster #2 (AKA "Helper")..yeah right.  Any who, I disassembled the entire thing, with the intention of priming, and spray painting.  (Sounds easy right.....WRONG!!!!!)

So, I took it apart!

Then....I found

So, after spending hours upon hours getting the non-lead paint off of the desk itself, I came up with the idea of a clear top for the desk....something like plexiglass.  Why not?  THEN....the monsters can see what's in their desk.... So, I lugged the aforementioned top to the glass place....and almost pooped myself when they told me how much a top was going to be....but I couldn't resist.... So, I ordered it.  Two weeks, I must sit and wait....awesomeness...NOT!!!!  Since the custom top was $120!!!-yes, that just happened....I decided I was not going to invest more $ than I had to into the chair (also lead-filled), so I found a bright yellow one online for $20....I can swallow that.  I decided to keep the legs "crome"-ish looking to keep it similar to the chair....then I picked the green, not only because I already had that color of spray paint, but because I love the color scheme of  yellow/orange/green....there are lots of websites that tell you all about colors and what goes with what's a little elementary, but I've found it helps me a lot when decorating because sometimes I think things "go"....but they don't.  Anywho since Little Monster #1's favorite color is orange, I decided to paint an old silverware drawer organizer bright orange (already had the spraypaint) to keep their supplies organized.  I put felt pads on the bottom to prevent them from scratching the desk.  So, finally two weeks later, my labor of love was finally finished.  Here she is...

More on the loft do-over later!  It's good to be back!

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  1. This is an *unbelievable* makeover! My jaw's on the floor. I'm going to share on my blog as soon as I have a minute.

    1. Thanks so much for stoppin by....I'm off to explore your spot!

  2. WOW!!!!! it looks so cool!!! i never would have thought of the top like that and i love it!

  3. Such a creative redo! Turned out great!! xo caroline

  4. So, so fun! I bet the kids love colouring and drawing on it and seeing through to their art supplies.


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