Friday, March 30, 2012

TRB...The Voice....What's in a Name-A Blog's Name?...and Exciting News...Wrap-up!

Hey Y'all!
So, I promised I'd let you in on a few surprises, and wrap-up the month with where the name of my blog came from.  It worked out great because (obviously) I've been writing a lot about Grandma lately, and also told you about a surprise that "is in the works for you"... This is a great seg-way into that surprise.  Here's how it went down...

Last January, (2011) Mr. A2B and little ol' me were driving to the Indianapolis Airport on our way to catch our flight to Tampa to get on The Rock Boat.  Every year, they compile a "sampler" cd so everyone can become familiar with a few song of some of the artists on board.  I had just received a call from my mom about my Grandma.  She was calling to tell me that her doctors thought it would be best to start dialysis.  When someone goes on dialysis, they have to have a port put into place.  Grandma didn't do well with surgeries, so we were all very scared to say the least.  I made mom promise me that they would not do the surgery until we got back, so they waited.  With tears rolling down my eyes, I turned to Mr. A2B and told him I wasn't ready to loose her.  He sympathized, and reached for the volume knob, and turned up this song, and said, "here babe, this will make you feel better" I listed to it, the chorus came...and I was immediately appalled that he could be so insensitive.  The first line goes, "And Oh my my honey, everybody dies"...I (of course) screamed at him...and turned it off.  He interrupted me and said, no, listen babe, just listen.  So I did.

Here's a video clip (not the best quality, but the only one that I was able to put on here)

It quickly became my theme song.  For a better version from ON-AIRSTREAMING, click here.  You'll be directed to Youtube.

You may not know why this became my "theme" song, but it struck a chord and I used it when I delivered my Grandma's Memorial Speech.  I also delivered her Eulogy.   Here was her Memorial Speech:

"Most of you were here when we buried Grandpa, and if you weren’t, Grandma literally tripped and almost fell head first into his vault, so all I can say is; well, she really fell for him this time…  In January each year, we go on the Rockboat…it’s a floating musical festival, and you get a chance to see some up and coming singers/songwriters.  This year, we got Seth *(my little bro) hooked on it.  There was and artist named Matt Hires on the boat.  I didn’t get to see his show, because I was busy making sure Seth wasn’t trying to hijack the cruise ship…but he has a song called A to B.  Andrew suggested that I use it today…  The chorus of the song goes,

And oh my my honey everybody dies
But you’ve got, you’ve got to see
That you can live your life walking in a straight line
But it’s more than just A to B

As we are gathered here in this cemetery, take a look around you.  The headstones all give a date of birth and a date of death, an A and a B.  Someone next year walking by here will get to see ma and paw’s A and B, but not know anything else.  But we are lucky because we were given the privilege to be a part of their middle.  The part that matters.  I could walk over there…and tell you their A and B but I wouldn’t have a clue about who they really were.  But for grandma, and paw beside her, I can tell you everything there is to know.  That’s what will make me smile long after this day has passed, that’s what will comfort me in the coming weeks…is that somewhere between her A and B she touched my life and so many others.  Between her A and B she lived such an unselfish beautiful life that words from me couldn’t begin to do it justice.  I could go on and on about what made her so special.  But I don’t need to tell all of you how special and wonderful she was.  Because you’re here.  You wouldn’t be here today if she hadn’t somehow touched your life too.

Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.  And whatever you do, don’t just think of life as going from A to B…because it’s not when or how you go, it’s life and what you make it.  It’s the traveling, not the road that gets you there."

It was just as she would have wanted...short, sweet, and to the point.  No time for tears, just smiles and happy memories.  I wanted my blog to have her written all over it...and that's how From A to Being came about.  I was going to go with: A to B....but it wasn't quite I went with From A to Being because whether it's a softball field, a cake, finding yourself, refinishing a piece of furniture, taking on a small craft, or parenthood, all things go "From A to Being".

How does this relate to the "potentially good news for me?" I know that's what you're thinking.  Well, since The Rock Boat has been so good to me, helping me find new artists whose songs are relate-able, and have helped me tremendously, I approached the Marketing Director for Sixthman (The company responsible for the floating music festival)...Anthony between concerts.  BTW-Ken and Drew from Sister Hazel will claim it was their idea, but I'm pretty sure Andy Levine was the master mind behind it.  Anyway, hopefully, Sixthman might tap into the blogging world for advertising.  So, stay tuned for that because when Sixthman does something, they do it right.

Don't think you'll know any of the artists?  Many of you probably know a few artists from past Rock Boats.  Don't believe me, watch this....YEP!  Zac Brown performed Chicken Fried on Rock Boat IV...YEARS before he became what he is now...Here he is performing with Sister Hazel.

Last year, I found another favorite...NEEDTOBREATHE.  They opened for Taylor Swift...and now...they're huge.  One of the best parts of it all?  The artists don't leave the boat (unless they go on an excursion or something like that)...they're your boat-mates for a whole week.  AND...ever wondered what is behind one of your favorite songs?  Ask them while you're in line for pizza at 2 a.m. Or catch an intimate acoustic show on the Serenity you're sippin a nice drink, watching the sun set...while listening to your favorite artist...from a hot tub...yes.  It's true.  

Here's a shot of Will Hoge (my all-time favorite artist...Mr. A2B proposed at one of his concerts) on the Serenity Deck...

GREAT show...absolutely amazing.  You may have heard of Will...his song Wings is at the top of the Country Charts, and on CMT every morning.  His song Even if it Breaks Your Heart is being sung by the Eli Young Band.  Here's Will's version.

Here's The Rock Boat XI recap video...Song in the background is NEEDTOBREATHE!

I hope you're checking into The Rock Boat!!!  I've certainly been inspired!  Hopefully you will be too!  Happy Friday!
*****AND...almost forgot...THIS GUY...Tony on The Voice.  Yep...Rockboater!

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  1. I'm glad I never miss a post of yours! The Rock Boat sounds incredible and you are great at promoting 'up and coming' artists! Bloggers are a great way to do this kind of promotion. When I blogged about my daughters singer/songwriter videos on Youtube, her views went up 87%. ~ Maureen

  2. How fun to go on a boat trip like that!! My Dad is into music like this and I might have to pass it on to him to read your post too!!! I can tell how passionate you are in your writing and it can get exciting!!! I'm excited!! hugs!!! Great speech too!! xoxo


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