Friday, March 2, 2012

A Week with the Grils- Gwen from The Bold Abode!

Hi there all you A to Being Creations readers!

I’m Gwen

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Daisy Button

And I am thrilled that Ashley invited me to guest post while she’s away!

Ashley is one amazing girl, and she always impresses me with her BOLDNESS.  And baby, I’m all up on being BOLD!  I’m going to follow after her very soon and open out the space under my stairs to create a storage/library for all of our crazy mess that we have nowhere to stuff.  I only hope I can do as an incredible job as she did!

I’ve just had my 6 month Blogiversary, and I have to say, I have fallen in love with blogging!  So, today, I’d like to share with you my three most favorite projects to date.

This here is my Breakfast table that I painstakingly hand-painted…just kidding…I did hand-paint it, and there was certainly some pain involved, but I’m not the most detail-oriented person in the world, so it’s not perfecto…


But I think I'ma keep 'er...  What do you think? 

Next on my favorites list is my Reclaimed Columns Buffet that I made for our porch.  I had a dear friend, who was renovating an incredible old Southern home and he gave me the original columns from the front porch…

and I made a surface top for them.  It’s been really functional and has cheered up the side porch tremendously! 

Hopefully, this summer, you'll see a propane grill hanging out with that there buffet...

Finally, I just finished making a Porch Swing!  It, too, isn’t prefect, but I did it and learned a lot in the process.  That’s what it’s all about, right?

I still have to hang it, so I do hope you’ll pop over for a visit and follow along to see me relaxing and swinging as summer rolls it’s way in!

Currently, I am working on a surface space for the's not really a desk, but it sorta is... I'm using the leftover Reclaimed Truss from my Reclaimed Truss Headboard... Come check out the series, Project Surface Area!

Here's the plan...let's hope they come to fruition smoothly!

Dearest Ashley, thanks so much for allowing me the opportunity to share my favorite projects with your readers!  You rock!

Today just might be the day. 
But, you'll never know if you don't get out there and

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  1. love em all but i think that swing is my favorite! it is the one i would steal if i could get away with it. ;)

  2. You made that swing yourself? Yikes! All your projects are great! ~ Maureen

  3. got skills! Love the "detailed" table!


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