Monday, October 31, 2011

Before and After Rescue Piece More ASCP!

So, as I was rubbernecking around my favorite antique store a couple of months ago...I spotted this Beauty!!!  Even better?!?  Her $15.00 price tag was easy on the wallet!

Yep....BEEEEEAAAYOU-TIFUL!!  I had the perfect color in mind for her.  I think I'll call her Annabelle!  After a little wood filler to repair the chipping veneer, a little sanding, and removing of the original pulls, I went at her with ASCP in Provence!  The top isn't painted.  Miss Mustard Seed said in a post awhile ago, she doesn't paint tops because they wear better, so I didn't paint Annabelle's because I wasn't sure where she'd end up, so I finished it with my favorite usual 1pt. Minwax Redwood, 1 pt. Minwax Dark Walnut wipe-on Stains, and three coats of wipe-on Polly.  As for the rest of her...Two coats of Provence later, (a little distressing), plus a mixture of light and dark wax, here she is.  

  I LOVE her details!!!!

And her original hardware (after a little clean-up with baking soda and an old toothbrush...) looks great!!!

And, since typically when I'm working I have a monster's help, (sometimes most-times two...)here's proof!!!  She loved Annabelle too...or maybe just the thought of glasses?!?

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