Friday, January 29, 2016

Room Re-Do #1 Entry & DIY Ballard Design Orb Chandelier!

First on the list of rooms that have been re-done since moving in is the Entry!
Let's start with a good before and after shall we?!?  This photo was taken before we moved in (seller touching up paint)... **just a disclaimer...EVERY room in our entire house has been repainted by me since we moved in... and the vast majority of lighting fixtures have been replaced...but we'll cover those as we do these makeovers.

Here's the room after:

You may recognize that little half moon table from the Entry Makeover from our previous home.  And...before you scratch your head in confusion...yes, it was Fall when this picture was taken, and yes, that's a chair on my living room table because I was painting it.

Here's the DIY Ballard Design Orb Chandelier... I'd been eyeing these forever, and knew when we moved, I wanted to get one.  I couldn't get myself to stomach the price tag though...$299?!?!? Woah! I decided to try to make my own.  You can too, here's what you'll need...

Materials list....
Old light
Macrame rings (I used 4)
JB Weld

Here's the light I started with...$10 from Habitat.

First, disassemble the light to get to the middle.  Then, you'll need to pull your macrame rings apart...loop them through the top of the light fixture, and use JB Kwik Weld to secure the rings to each other, and to repair where you had to separate them...

I used clamps to get them to stay where I wanted them while I was waiting for the the KwikWeld to dry....and yes...those are containers of spare lighting parts.

Then, spraypaint with your choice of spraypaint...replace your light fixture with the one you just made...sit back, and relax...or start making something new!

This project total cost less than $30!!!  Score!

See ya next week for the next room makeover!

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