Thursday, September 22, 2011

Grey's Anatomy, and things I really don't like

So, I had initially planned to reveal my awesomeness er, mantle "widening" DIY , however in light of recent events, this must be postponed.  Yes, I know....all of you were waiting since I was bragging all about it all day...and telling everyone how happy I was with how it turned out.  The upside is...after the (9--5) on my way to hubby's exchange vehicles so I could drive to Mom's to pick up Monkey Man, and The Princess....whew...try saying that 10 times fast!  Oh yeah...sorry you'll quickly learn to deal with the ADHD...I called a special someone whose work I happen to see if she wanted to be "The Official Photographer" for my new endeavor...and show me like a million things along the way...about blogging...bizzz-naaaasss and whatnot...and SHE SAID YES!!!  Yes, you're left with that for now because we're meeting early next month to work out the details, so you'll have to sit on the edge of your seat until I reveal.  So, yes...just to recap.  Good news...Photographer in the works...bad update on the DIY of widening your lame mantle.....Because....Grey's Anatomy starts tonight!!  And, I have to finish up some painting on my Niece's GW lamp do-over.  I've decided I prefer "do-over" rather than make-over because some of the things I "do-over" shouldn't have "been done" the first time round, let alone "made-over".  Do-over is kinda like...the way (in my somewhat meaningless opinion) it shouldda been done the first time.  Anyway, since I have a few seconds while hubby cleans the monsters in the bath, I thought I'd share some random...things I dislike.

1-When people say, "hey how are ya?" but don't even so much pause for your response.  What if I was going to like realllly get into detail about my crappy day...kinda like, "well, not so good because my cat seems to have a lot of hairballs lately, and the dog doesn't like to eat them anymore which means I am the one responsible for cleaning them up before The Princess puts them in her mouth, and I've really had bad cramps this am, along side with a pounding headache."

2-When people don't use their turning signals.  TRUST me, they're worth it.  When I witness such a debacle, my first response is, Hmmmmm....I didn't know they still sold those models...without turning signals.

3-When there's one item from the grocery list that I forget...or cant' remember.

4-when it's in the 50's and raining.

5-Gonna hafta wait...5 minutes until I finally find out if McDreamy enjoys sleeping in the stick house wrapped in a sleeping bag.

How about you...what don't you really like?

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