Thursday, August 16, 2012

PB Knockoff...except the Nakedness

It's almost been a year since I began blogging- primarily to keep myself busier than I ever thought possible, and partly to share creations/obstacles/epic failures with all of you.  When I wanted to make some upgrades to the house, I researched a lot of ideas online...then I stumbled across a few honest blogs, and TONS of perfectly fake blogs.  They made me feel bad, like....hello, my "playground" of a house is never going to be that clean...even on its best day.  So, I felt it was necessary to start my blog.

Why am I telling you this?!?  Welp, remember that welcome back to me message from Monday?  You know, the one where I said I was going to share a PB knockoff with you yesterday?!?  Ok...NOW you're following me.  Well, guess what?!?!  No shade = No reveal.  But then I got thinking...look out right?!?  DANGEROUS... Who cares if it's not totally's as done as it's going to get...especially since I'm not really sure where it's going anyway.  I have some great fabric, but until I figure out just how I'm going to do the shade'll just hafta enjoy the nakedness.  And maybe if you go junkin this weekend-you'll remember to look for an old tripod that you can put a lamp kit on and have some nakedness for yourself...for a fraction of Pottery Barn's!

Here she is...Naked Nancy!!

 No shade....just Nancy.  In all her versatile nakedness.  She can be "Tall"

Or...she can be "short and stout".

Either way, she is fun, and I love her.  I'd been wanting one of these since who knows when, but since I've not been junkin' in a while I haven't had the chance to find a tripod.  I went to Target today and bought a plain white lamp shade to cover.  Hopefully, the monsters will allow me some time to get it finished tonight.  If not, so what?!?  I have a "junk" desk and chair to paint up tonight too.  Who wants to start placing bets that neither gets finished tonight?!?  AND...I cropped out so much of the photos because I'm saving it for the big reveal for the 25th.  Sorry!

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