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Friday, March 30, 2012

Softball Field Project with Miracle-Gro Expand 'n Gro

This post brought to you by Scotts®. All opinions are 100% mine.


Hey there!  I have to tell you what I’ve been doing this past week…It’s officially softball season, and if you’ve been a reader here, you’re aware that I coach high school softball.  It’s great because about by the time the season is over-the yard sales, and furniture painting projects will be in full-swing.

Since the softball girls are on spring break, typically every year I take on a new project to make the field look a little better.  If you have a huge yard-you can relate- this is no easy “feat”.  Two years ago, I put in a warning track.  It’s a little smaller than I’d prefer, so after the season is over, we will be widening it.  Also, our dugouts need new roofs, and my wonderful daddy has volunteered to do that (of course with my help).  BUT…I did manage to get a ginormous project finished this week.  I had a giant pile of ag-lime moved from behind our bull-pen and dispersed around various low spots in the field.  Where the ag-lime pile was, I decided to do some scape-art.  I used pavers I bought at Lowe’s and made a “wall” on the back-side of the fence, put down weed-barrier, a load of fill-dirt, Expand ‘n Gro™, flowers, planted a bush, and mulched it.  The awesome part?  The flowers are planted in a “CC”.  Our school is Central Catholic and we go by “CC”…so I can’t wait for the girls to get back.  I’ll post finished pictures next week.  Some of my players read my blog, and I don’t want to spoil the surprise. Here's a "preview"....


Since I’m not posting pics of the finished product until the girls get to see it, I have decided to tell you a little about the Miracle-Gro Expand ‘n Gro Concentrated Planting Mix.  I was asked to write a little review of the product, so of course, since I LOVE it, I said YES!!  First, let me remind you…I had to build a “mound”….well I only got so much fill-dirt, and thank goodness for this Miracle-Gro.  I mixed it with a little water and expanded to almost 3X its original size.  It gave much needed height!  Also-it feeds my flowers for up to 6 months-way more convenient for me since after the season, I won’t remember to “feed” anything but the monsters, Mr. A2B, and myself.  While it’s feeding my flowers, it will also retain up to 50% more moisture than typical potting soils.  Again…much more convenient-less time spent watering everything! It’s also supposed to boost the flower production.  I’m anxiously awaiting these results because so long as it does what it’s supposed to do, our “CC” will be full and even more beautiful.

EnG Product Shot.png 

Since I used the Expand ‘n Gro, I didn’t need to use any other top soil or potting soil like I was going to because it is supposed to improve the soil for multiple years.  Again, this made the project much easier for me.  I’d highly recommend this if you’re looking to make any project easier, get more “dirt for your buck” and save some money.  If you had to buy fertilizer, top soil, potting soil, and feed,, your project would end up costing much more.  It’s an easy way to prep your garden, planters, and flower beds. 

Watch this video and learn a little more about it if you're not convinced...

I can't wait to post an updated picture of this project!  It looks awesome!





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TRB...The Voice....What's in a Name-A Blog's Name?...and Exciting News...Wrap-up!

Hey Y'all!
So, I promised I'd let you in on a few surprises, and wrap-up the month with where the name of my blog came from.  It worked out great because (obviously) I've been writing a lot about Grandma lately, and also told you about a surprise that "is in the works for you"... This is a great seg-way into that surprise.  Here's how it went down...

Last January, (2011) Mr. A2B and little ol' me were driving to the Indianapolis Airport on our way to catch our flight to Tampa to get on The Rock Boat.  Every year, they compile a "sampler" cd so everyone can become familiar with a few song of some of the artists on board.  I had just received a call from my mom about my Grandma.  She was calling to tell me that her doctors thought it would be best to start dialysis.  When someone goes on dialysis, they have to have a port put into place.  Grandma didn't do well with surgeries, so we were all very scared to say the least.  I made mom promise me that they would not do the surgery until we got back, so they waited.  With tears rolling down my eyes, I turned to Mr. A2B and told him I wasn't ready to loose her.  He sympathized, and reached for the volume knob, and turned up this song, and said, "here babe, this will make you feel better"...as I listed to it, the chorus came...and I was immediately appalled that he could be so insensitive.  The first line goes, "And Oh my my honey, everybody dies"...I (of course) screamed at him...and turned it off.  He interrupted me and said, no, listen babe, just listen.  So I did.

Here's a video clip (not the best quality, but the only one that I was able to put on here)

It quickly became my theme song.  For a better version from ON-AIRSTREAMING, click here.  You'll be directed to Youtube.

You may not know why this became my "theme" song, but it struck a chord and I used it when I delivered my Grandma's Memorial Speech.  I also delivered her Eulogy.   Here was her Memorial Speech:

"Most of you were here when we buried Grandpa, and if you weren’t, Grandma literally tripped and almost fell head first into his vault, so all I can say is; well, she really fell for him this time…  In January each year, we go on the Rockboat…it’s a floating musical festival, and you get a chance to see some up and coming singers/songwriters.  This year, we got Seth *(my little bro) hooked on it.  There was and artist named Matt Hires on the boat.  I didn’t get to see his show, because I was busy making sure Seth wasn’t trying to hijack the cruise ship…but he has a song called A to B.  Andrew suggested that I use it today…  The chorus of the song goes,

And oh my my honey everybody dies
But you’ve got, you’ve got to see
That you can live your life walking in a straight line
But it’s more than just A to B

As we are gathered here in this cemetery, take a look around you.  The headstones all give a date of birth and a date of death, an A and a B.  Someone next year walking by here will get to see ma and paw’s A and B, but not know anything else.  But we are lucky because we were given the privilege to be a part of their middle.  The part that matters.  I could walk over there…and tell you their A and B but I wouldn’t have a clue about who they really were.  But for grandma, and paw beside her, I can tell you everything there is to know.  That’s what will make me smile long after this day has passed, that’s what will comfort me in the coming weeks…is that somewhere between her A and B she touched my life and so many others.  Between her A and B she lived such an unselfish beautiful life that words from me couldn’t begin to do it justice.  I could go on and on about what made her so special.  But I don’t need to tell all of you how special and wonderful she was.  Because you’re here.  You wouldn’t be here today if she hadn’t somehow touched your life too.

Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.  And whatever you do, don’t just think of life as going from A to B…because it’s not when or how you go, it’s life and what you make it.  It’s the traveling, not the road that gets you there."

It was just as she would have wanted...short, sweet, and to the point.  No time for tears, just smiles and happy memories.  I wanted my blog to have her written all over it...and that's how From A to Being came about.  I was going to go with: A to B....but it wasn't quite right...so I went with From A to Being because whether it's a softball field, a cake, finding yourself, refinishing a piece of furniture, taking on a small craft, or parenthood, all things go "From A to Being".

How does this relate to the "potentially good news for me?" I know that's what you're thinking.  Well, since The Rock Boat has been so good to me, helping me find new artists whose songs are relate-able, and have helped me tremendously, I approached the Marketing Director for Sixthman (The company responsible for the floating music festival)...Anthony between concerts.  BTW-Ken and Drew from Sister Hazel will claim it was their idea, but I'm pretty sure Andy Levine was the master mind behind it.  Anyway, hopefully, Sixthman might tap into the blogging world for advertising.  So, stay tuned for that because when Sixthman does something, they do it right.

Don't think you'll know any of the artists?  Many of you probably know a few artists from past Rock Boats.  Don't believe me, watch this....YEP!  Zac Brown performed Chicken Fried on Rock Boat IV...YEARS before he became what he is now...Here he is performing with Sister Hazel.

Last year, I found another favorite...NEEDTOBREATHE.  They opened for Taylor Swift...and now...they're huge.  One of the best parts of it all?  The artists don't leave the boat (unless they go on an excursion or something like that)...they're your boat-mates for a whole week.  AND...ever wondered what is behind one of your favorite songs?  Ask them while you're in line for pizza at 2 a.m. Or catch an intimate acoustic show on the Serenity Deck...as you're sippin a nice drink, watching the sun set...while listening to your favorite artist...from a hot tub...yes.  It's true.  

Here's a shot of Will Hoge (my all-time favorite artist...Mr. A2B proposed at one of his concerts) on the Serenity Deck...

GREAT show...absolutely amazing.  You may have heard of Will...his song Wings is at the top of the Country Charts, and on CMT every morning.  His song Even if it Breaks Your Heart is being sung by the Eli Young Band.  Here's Will's version.

Here's The Rock Boat XI recap video...Song in the background is NEEDTOBREATHE!

I hope you're checking into The Rock Boat!!!  I've certainly been inspired!  Hopefully you will be too!  Happy Friday!
*****AND...almost forgot...THIS GUY...Tony Lucca...now on The Voice.  Yep...Rockboater!

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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Piano Bench Before and After Breakdown...

Hey There!
Boy, am I the luckiest girl in the world or what?!?  I was overwhelmed by all of your emails, comments, messages, and support!  I sincerely appreciate all of you.  After all, YOU'RE the ones who helped me and you probably didn't even know it.  I was down-sad and very lost.  Starting this blog helped me find myself again, and helped me FEEL again.  I cannot thank you all enough.  I've received a lot of questions on the bench, so today I'm going to show you exactly how I did it.  Here's what I had...Isn't she beautiful?  Just wait!

 I didn't re-cane it because although it would have been fairly easy and inexpensive, I wanted to do something different.  So, after I ripped all of the canning out, I was left with just a rectangle.  I wasn't sure what to do.  I thought of a side table, but was afraid one of the little monsters would break the glass, and then if I did put glass on top...what would I do with the edge?  So as I was rubber-necking around in one of my favorite junk spots, I spotted an old antique serving tray...2 handles, glass bottom, and a frame...only $2!!??!  I'll take it!  

I was reading a lot of blogs before I started mine...and I stumbled upon them because I was researching "painting furniture"....boy was I in for a surprise!!  I loved the look of contrasting pieces.  Unpainted tops, and accented parts...I was smitten!!!  So, that's how I found ASCP.  If you remember, my post on my First Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Piece I used ASCP in Arbusion Blue!  I didn't want to "go right after" this piece, so I practiced on an old dry erase board I picked up at a Salvage Store.  THIS piece is what I was practicing for! :)  So, I used the blue on the legs, and corner braces.  For the top and bottom braces, I sanded, stained, and poly-ed.  I LOVED the contrast!

I disassembled the tray and decided I wanted to have a piece of glass made for it.  I wanted tempered glass just in case the little monsters decided to break it.  The total cost of the new piece of glass was $18.  I used gold rub and buff on the metal parts of the handles.  I'm sure this is what started my "gold-loving kick".  I wanted to paint the frame to have it stick out a little bit, but wanted to keep some of the originality of the tray, so I cleaned up the handles a bit and gave them a coat of stain and poly.  

Then, the more I saw the bench, the less and less I wanted to use it as a side table.  I came up with the idea of making it a shadow box.  I was kicking a few ideas around and at first, I was going to put hinges and have the bottom open, but since the bench had corner braces, unless I wanted them to show from the top, the hinges wouldn't work.  Instead, what I decided to do was cover a piece of plywood with burlap, and use the corner braces to hold the shadow box "back" in place.  I hadn't secured the top, so at this point, after I was finished screwing the corner braces into place, I built the shadow box from the top.  

Underneath shot

Building the "box" progress
Close-up of the handles/distressed frame.
 Here's the final product...  To adhere the frame, I used Liquid Nails.  

What's in the box?  And why is it in there?
Smile Sticker-Grandma and Grandpa paid for my braces, so she always used to remind me to smile.  She didn't like to see me unhappy, and even if I was upset, I tried as hard as I could not to show it if she was around because I never wanted to upset or hurt her. 
String of faux pearls-Ma & Paw lived close-we all spent as much time at their house as possible.  She LOVED crafting.  We did it together.  When we cleaned out the house, mom gave her craft supplies to me because she knew we loved doing those things together.
Knitting needle-Grandma taught me how to knit.  Another favorite memory!
Yellow Rose-This was the one single flower on Ma's casket.  She always told me; "when I die, don't let your mom and Heather spend money on flowers...It won't matter, I'll be dead...who cares if there are flowers.  I want one single yellow rose, that's it!"  So, that's what she got.  The ribbon was leftover from my wedding.  We (Mom-Ma-& I) made almost everything.  The ribbon was yellow, and I tied it around the beautiful flower for the services.
Christmas Gift Tag-If you've read any of my Christmas posts-you already know by now that I tend to go overboard...in every aspect possible.  It comes from her.  She was Santa, and it was her favorite holiday-(probably why it became mine)...and we have many fond memories of Christmas Celebrations over the years.
Cat sticker-Ma loved cats, and that's probably why I started loving them too.  NO ONE else likes cats in my family, but I sure love them.  We used to play with all of the stray cats at Ma's house all the time.  She fed them...so they kept coming around.
Hotel sticker-Mom and Dad couldn't afford much. (Neither could Ma & Paw) but they made everything possible.  When I was 10 I started playing travel Fastpitch Softball for the Indiana Magic.  Every weekend, we lived in hotels across the country.  We drove and drove and drove.  They are responsible for me going to DePaul to play softball on scholarship.  Without them, I'm not sure if it would have been possible.  The day I signed my National Letter of Intent was one of my proudest moments, and it was for them.  I was proud for making them proud.
Indiana Magic Bunny pin-Every year, we bought tons of these, and traded them with the teams we played.  I have so many memories of travel ball, pin trading, hotels, and everything in between.  It makes my heart happy just thinking about all of them.
Band-aid sticker-My little sister actually gave Ma her nickname Grandma Boo Boo.  She was around 3 or 4 when Grandpa passed away unexpectedly, so since my mom was Ma's caretaker, Allison went to all of her doctor's appointments.  She knew their names, what they specialized in, and where the wheelchairs were kept.  It's not every day a 3 yr. old knows what a Cardiologist does, let alone a Podiatrist.
Round Tropical Sticker-That was a seal from our wedding invitations.  It's fitting because she actually introduced me to my husband, and she had tried 6 years before finally succeeding.  I'll do an entire post on that later.  She was a little match-maker!
Red button & Thimble-Ma taught me how to sew also.  We made a lot of things!  Some of them must have made her laugh hysterically when I took them home, nonetheless, I can sew with the best of em!
Wheat/Cattails-Grandma LOVED cattails.  I have no idea why, but she did.  We used to stop by the side of the road if we saw them just to pick a couple for her.
Saint pin-The Saint pin stands for a couple of things-She is my Saint!  She was a Saint...by every definition of the word!  The pin was actually one she earned for her letter jacket in high school, and ironically enough, almost two years before she passed, I told her she was a Saint.  I was going through the RCIA classes to become Catholic and one night we covered Saints.  I remember calling her as I was driving home and told her, "We learned about Saints tonight." She said, "oh yeah?!" and I responded, "ya know-you are a Saint"....she didn't think so, but I insisted because "God didn't define Saints by pre-naming them-all the Saints are Saints because of how they lived their lives, by the sacrifices they made to others...you are a Saint!"  She rested her case. :)
Angel pin-She gave this to me on my 16th birthday.  She told me never to drive faster than she (my Angel) could fly.  She always had a way with words.
Life Sticker/Happiness sticker-She wrote letters to all of us.  When she passed, we all got to read them.  In mine, she said, "I hope you remember how beautiful life is-you have a special heart for those around you.  Never forget to love the little things in life-remember to smile!"

Thanks again for all of your support.  This month hasn't been easy to say the least, so thank you.  I'm wrapping up this week with how the blog got its name, and that'll take me a few days, but it's a great seg-way into the exciting news I have been waiting to share with all of you about the trip.  Since it's taken so long, the giveaway will be in April, but it's gonna be great!  Happy Tuesday!

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Thursday, March 22, 2012

To My Dearest Saint...What's it Like in Heaven? I made a shadow box out of your piano bench...

Well Gma-
You've been up there for a year now.

A year ago today mom called in the wee hours of the morning telling me to "hurry, it's bad".  I'll never forget that sinking feeling.  You probably don't have the same memories of that day and I'm relieved because I know you wouldn't have wanted to see us in pain-any more than we had to see you in yours.  I'm not sure what you recall about those last few days.  Mom and Heather never left your side and I saw you every morning on my way to the office, during lunch, and on my way home before softball practice.  Looking back, it's the worst roller-coaster ride I've ever been on.  One day you're walking down the halls of the "rehab" facility-laughing with us during lunch visits. And the next day, you were incoherent-not because of any fault of your own, but because they overdosed you with pain meds-had to treat you for it, and that sealed your fate... I prayed that God would take you because although my heart was shattered, you didn't deserve to go through all you did.  It didn't seem fair.  I kept asking why he would let someone feel so much pain.  Someone who hadn't hurt a single soul their whole time here on earth.  Someone who brought so much joy to those whose paths crossed theirs.  Someone who I refer to as "My Saint".  You passed away on a Tuesday early morning.  We were all with you.  The Friday before that we all had our chance to sit and watch basketball with you, laugh with you, and have you to ourselves one by one...I don't know if you remember or not, but we made promises to each other...When I asked you if you were ready to go, you said yes, soI made you promise me if God came to take you-you'd go and not try to stay for us.  In return, I promised you I'd be okay-I promised you I'd be there for mom and dad-I promised you I'd make sure everything was going to be alright.  You kept yours to me, and hopefully I've kept mine to you.

As I was lying restless in bed last night, I looked up to the moon-took a deep breath, and felt a sense of relief.  It's been a whole year.  Finally (well, except for the lump in my throat as I'm writing this) my heart doesn't feel physical pain.  I miss you more than I thought was imaginable, but I don't hurt anymore--I never thought I'd be able to say that.  BUT-I miss your voice, your advice, your jokes, your "Dateline NBC", Oprah, and Ellen recaps, your scent, and your beautiful smile.  I miss our Thursdays. I've not bought flowers for anyone this year, but I did send something to someone I met whose husband serves for us.  I have been slacking in our "pay it forward" project, but hopefully this year I'll do better.  I know you enjoyed that-oh how I miss our Thursdays...  And last night, while I wasn't physically hurting, there's still a hole in my heart.  I look at the kids and smile-I wonder what you'd say about them.  I can see in my head your expression-when they learn something new, or when I explore this crazy task of parenthood.  How proud of them you must be-I know you are, I just wish I could see it.  I think the most unfortunate part of all of this is the kids will only know you through stories we tell them.  They can't experience your gentle touch, or calming demeanor, or have the opportunity to truly see a heart of gold...They won't remember My Saint.  I can still remember the day Jordan was born, and how you refused to leave the hospital until she made her sweet little way into this crazy world.  I remember you ran out of oxygen, and were very short of breath, and starting to look bad...but when you held her...when you held my sweet little girl, your face lit-up and for that moment I saw you happier than I had for a while...I'll cherish that memory for the rest of my time on earth.

I read your letter often.  It helps.  I wish you would have included a life map or something.  The more I read it, the more satisfied I become.  I'm not sure what I was expecting, but at first...I read it...and said, "that's it?!?!  That's all she wrote to me?!?"  But I understand it now.  It's taken almost a year.  Simple. Heartfelt. To the point. Honestly, there are no words you could have written that would have made me happy, because my heart was broken and unable to reflect on all of the beautiful lasting memories we made.  I'm a little more capable to enjoy those now.  Slowly, the images of your painful last few days are fading away.  I'm trying to help mom.  She's coming around slowly, but she's coming around.  And dad?  He hides it well....MOST of the time. There was no fighting!  Mom did a good job!  You'd have been so proud of her!  Heather is happy now.  I wish you could have seen her this way before you went home.  It's what you had always wanted for her....just to be happy.  And she is.  Slowly, the old Heather we knew and love is making her way back and it makes me so happy because I missed her.  We all did!  Oh Grandma, you would be so proud!  I hope you are enjoying all you left behind!  It wouldn't be- if you hadn't laid the groundwork-our family is built on the strongest foundation imaginable.  It's all because of you!

I'm sure you have noticed I have started a new hobby.  I had to do something other than softball because honestly, every memory of softball had you in it, and it was so painful!  I forgot how to enjoy it.  So, I started refinishing furniture...and blogging.  I know right?  Of all things?!?  It's your fault you know?  It all started with your piano bench.  You know....the one that sat on your vanity with the hole in the caning.  Mom had to tell numerous people it wasn't for sale but was just being used to hold some things for the garage sale.  She gave it to me because it was special to you.  She had no idea what it started.  Honestly, I had no clue either.  I just knew I wanted to fix it because it was yours, and you loved it.  I started out doing it for you.  You must have known I needed something to keep me busy-you must have known I needed something-you must have known this "new hobby" would nurture my shattered empty heart.  Initially, I just took a can of spray paint to the legs....I hated it.  So, out of despair-I started over.  Orange stripper.  I had never refinished anything.  I didn't even know where to begin...but somehow I figured it out.  All by myself! I When I was cleaning it up, I saw the most beautiful wood-more beautiful than any piece of furniture I'd ever seen.  I took my time.  Something in my letter kept running through my head...over....and....over.  "I hope you always remember how beautiful life is, you have a special heart for those around you".... and so I found the beauty in it.  A broken down old piano bench.  The most beautiful piano bench I'd ever seen.  So, I took that beautiful bench, stripped it, sanded it, stained it and made it as beautiful to other's eyes, as it was all along in mine.  I started out doing it for you-finished it for myself, and rediscovered myself in the process!  Tomorrow, for my readers, I'll detail the process.  But since this letter has already been long, I'll just show the before and after pictures.  I put all of "OUR" favorite things in there.  I know you'll just love it!

I miss you Grandma Booboo!  Please keep looking out for all of us.  I love you MORE!!!!
Your Ashiebutt

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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Hugs and Prayers....

Hey guys-
I had every intention of posting a recent project and also another that I have been looking forward to sharing for over 6 months!!!!  However, Sunday I was informed that my nephew had fallen off of his bike into hot coals and ash and was being rushed to the hospital.  My brother and sister-in-law had been burning fallen trees, and yard waste in the big fire pit Saturday night-and for some reason or another, Sunday my nephew fell into it.  I do know they hadn't started any fires Sunday, so he didn't fall into flames, but rather smoldering hot coals and ash.  I also know he was riding his bike and had fallen-off, and my brother was able to get to him within a few seconds.  He was complaining about his hands, and after my brother had rinsed them and was looking at them he said his knee hurt really bad.  When my brother looked down and saw it he suddenly realized it was much worse than either of his hands.  After he ran it under water, he put him into the car and rushed him to the hospital.  They gave him morphine, and wrapped him.  The ER doc advised my sister-in-law to call his physician in the morning, and didn't think it was bad enough to send him to Riley Hospital in Indianapolis.  Here's a picture of him all bandaged up....

Then, yesterday morning, his physician said it was extremely severe, and sent him to Riley Hospital immediately.  His hands will recover, but they are thinking he will need numerous surgeries done on his leg, and he won't have very good range of motion.  They were shocked that he hadn't been sent there the night before.  Nonetheless, please send prayers and hugs for a speedy recovery.  Needless to say, this has delayed my schedule a little bit, but hopefully little Chase gets better quickly, and I can take a second to tell you some good news, and share some projects.

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Monday, March 12, 2012

Holy Cow!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Holy Cow!  I need a vacation to recover from my "vacation".  I can't wait to share it with all of you, but I need to wait because the "vacation" may have opened up some more opportunities for all of you!  Yes...all of you.  So, I'll just share some pictures of tiny parts of it!  Also, a huge thank you to all of you for being so kind to the Girls!  They enjoyed meeting all of you!  And, thanks to my Girls for guesting while I was away!  I have goodie bags in the process for all of you!  Thanks so much!  Now, with that being said, there are a few changes coming.  Hopefully I'll announce them this week, along with my first giveaway!  ALSO-while I was gone, I was emailed about being featured on Remodelaholic!  Holy Cow!  Super excited.  If you missed it, click Remodelaholic to get to the feature.  Cassity and Justin-Thank you so much!  Okay, here are some great photos from the trip.  More to come...soon I promise!  Stay tuned.  Yes....I still blog about projects of mine...lol!  I'm sharing a very special one later this week.  Actually, the project that's responsible for all of this madness...the blog, the debacles, new friends, new adventures, and all!

Dear Cozumel-I miss you!!!  See ya'all tomorrow!~

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Thursday, March 8, 2012

A Week with the Girls- Traci from Beneath My Heart!

Hello! My name is Traci, and I blog at Beneath My Heart! I am so happy to be here!


Thank you, Ashley, for letting me hang out here today!

I want to share with you one of my favorite projects from my blog.

It’s a DIY Headboard Towel Holder!

I knew when I saw this headboard and footboard set at Goodwill that I had to buy them.


I happily paid $25.00 for the set and went home.

I had been trying to come up with a creative towel rack for the guest house bathroom in our previous home. The guest house was a little more cottage-y than our house, so I wanted to decorate it with more of a vintage feel.

So here’s what I did…

After holding both the headboard and footboard up against my bathroom wall to see which one “fit” best, I decided to go with the headboard. My bathroom in the guest house was not very big, but this headboard was going to make a big statement!

First I had to cut the legs off the headboard, so I used my hubby’s Skil Saw.


She was lookin’ good already!


Now some of you may think I am crazy for painting this beauty. I know some of you would have left her alone. But I’m not sentimental like that. I needed her to be white, so white she would be!

Now I needed to prepare the surface to paint. Instead of sanding it with sandpaper, I used a liquid deglosser to do the trick. It is soooo easy. Just pour it on a cloth and wipe it all over the wood surface! IMG_5000

I let that dry, and then I began painting.

My paint of choice is this little quart of Valspar paint. It can be found over by the spray paint cans at Lowes. There is a sign above it that says something like “high performance” or “extremely durable” paint. The workers at Lowes suggested we use this on our kitchen cabinets and we did. We love it!

So I used a brush to paint in any of the grooves. IMG_5058


Then I used my roll brush to paint the smooth surfaces. (No I am not left-handed, I just needed my right hand to take the picture!) IMG_5060

Here she is after 3 or 4 coats…ahhhhh….


Here’s the hardest part of the process… let it dry. It’s very important to let it dry REAL good before sanding.

I always suggest eating some chocolate at this point. Smile

After the paint was good and dry, I used my sanding sponge to sand the edges of the headboard. IMG_50714

There’s no rhyme or reason to this step. Just sand as little or as much as you’d like to get the look you are after. IMG_50724

When I cut the bottom of the headboard off with my Skil Saw, it left a raw edge that needed a little work. I needed to fill an obvious groove in with some wood filler. IMG_5074

I just pushed the wood filler into the groove with my finger and the let it dry. IMG_5076

Then I used my sanding sponge to sand it to a smooth finish, and it was ready to paint. IMG_5080

To get a more “aged” look, I like to cover my white paint with my favorite glaze, Valspar “Mocha”.


I used a paper towel to cover the headboard with the glaze.


Then I used a damp paper towel to wipe it right back off. (See left side of headboard.) I love the way the glaze got in the “groves” on the headboard and brought out so many of the details. IMG_50784

Now I needed to attach my hooks. I found these cute little hooks at Hobby Lobby for half off. I bought 3 hooks for $1.50 a piece. Total=$4.50! I also got these wood screws at Lowe’s for a buck or two. IMG_5081

I attached the hooks with the wood screws. IMG_5089

As you can see, the silver screw does not look very good with my black hook, so I got a little black paint and dabbed it on the screw. IMG_5091

Perfect! IMG_5093

I bought some heavy duty mirror hangers at Lowes to mount the headboard on the wall. They were a dollar a piece. IMG_5083

Now I did make the headboard by myself, but my hubby helped me hang it on the wall. It was very heavy (like a large mirror). When you are hanging something this heavy, you need to make sure that you hammer the nails into the studs in the wall. My husband insisted he help me with this part, which was fine by me. We found the studs in the wall and measured the distance between them. Then we attached the hangers on the back of the headboard the same distance apart. IMG_5095

We hung it on the wall and I feel in love. It’s exactly what I wanted. But I am bummed at how my pictures turned out. There is no window in the bathroom, so I had no natural sunlight in which to take the pictures. Notice the beautiful natural light right outside the bathroom.


This is a piece of the bedroom furniture that I painted this summer. I’m storing the towels and blankets in there. I found the adorable locker room basket at a yard sale for $5.00. It’s perfect for storing the little wash cloths. My sweet mother-in-law bought me these new white towels for our guest house. Now into bathroom…


I love the way the towel rack turned out. (Though I don’t think these pictures show it’s true beauty. My walls are a pretty tan, not mustard yellow!)


I loved this project because it was a little “out of the box” for me, which made it tons of fun. And it brings the uniqueness I was looking for in a towel rack.


Now I still have the footboard…hmmm….
Thanks for letting me share the project with you, and I hope you come see me sometime at
Beneath My Heart!


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