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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Pittsburgh Steelers/Sports Tree!!

Are any of you tired of seeing all of my Christmas Trees?  Personally, I could leave them up 365....but luckily for the little Monsters, they will soon be coming down, and life as they knew it can resume...room to run!  No "pretties" to "look but not touch".  Today is the second to last tree.  The final tree will be revealed next Tuesday...MY BIRTHDAY you'll get to see Everything all together...right here for my "This is how our house rolls during Christmas" tour.  Today....simple tree...Our Pittsburgh Steelers (and all things sports) tree.  I played softball at DePaul...and basketball and volleyball growing up, so the other sports ornaments were all on my parent's tree.  When we get married and have a tree of our own, mom gives us all of our old "purchased" ornaments...she keeps all of our homemade with love ones.

My husband is a die hard Steelers Fan...so I'm now right there with him.  VERY tough not to love the Steelers.  I lived in Chicago for 6 years so, you could imagine how this was a tough switch.  However, having been raised a Bears fan, and becoming friends with a few Bears players while living in Chi-town...still, my heart found its team when I met my husband...(I was living in San Diego when we met, a year and a half removed from Bears Country, and thrown smack-dab in the middle of the...Who? Oh, yes...the Chargers (kinda hard to be a Chargers fan).  It couldn't have come at a better time! My football heart was lonely.  You've read enough...here's the Steelers Tree!

 And yes, I used a boa for the black garland.  I LOVE IT!

Also, let me say this...I don't mind the Colts...I do like Payton Manning...we actually have season tickets...AWESOMENESS!  Not really, their "defeated" record has put a damper on "scalping season tickets for extra cash flo plan"...o well, we will keep them in hopes for a first round draft pick...maybe by the time Monster Man wants to go to the games will sit at a game they will be good again.  So...finding Steelers ornaments has been fun!  We receive typically one every year from a friend who is also a Steelers Fan...and lives here in Indiana.  If we lived in Pittsburgh, it would be a done deal because Hobby-to-the-Lobby carries NFL ornaments. ;But only for the local teams.  At ours?  Colts and Bears.  Comes in handy because I buy my older brother a Bears Ornament every year.  AND...Big Lots sells the College Ornaments...for us...Indiana University and Purdue University! Again, comes in handy since my little bro wrestled at IU, and is attending grad school at IU...he gets IU ornaments.  There you have it.  Second to last tree!


  1. you know what would be cool is if you could find a terrible towel big enough to be your tree skirt!! Or take a terrible towel and some how make it into a stocking... gosh, I'm jealous!! You even have steeler balls! It looks amazing!! Drooling!!

  2. You are amazing...My hubby loves the Steelers, but I am {gasp} NOT a sports fan...oh well...I can still admire your creativity.

  3. Wa ha! My H would love a football tree...although Packers would have to have the honored spot! How fun! Popping over from ArtsyGirl

  4. Love it! My sister and her family are die hard Steelers fans!! Themed trees are so fun!

  5. You are so darn talented. I went through the wreath tutorial and it was fantastic. btw you won my scentsy giveaway. I announced it last week at the newbie party...I forgot about it until just now myself. Email me and I will give you the details and the link to my website so you can pick something nice out. Merry Christmas.

  6. What a cute and festive tree with great ornaments! Your family must love this, it's so creative!

    Thank you for linking to the Christmas Tree Party at 2805!

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